Take Me Out 1×06 -Episode Recap/Review

The first guy is incredibly attractive. He is a “southern gentleman that likes to party.” After his first two sections he has 25/30. The last segment is from his friend saying how much the guy is into himself and how much he cares about his appearance, but he still remains with 21/30 girls to choose between for his date. I wish we had seen more personality from him though, we didn’t get much more than his looks. As he runs around to turn off the ladies lights… It’s all about looks with these things which is unfortunate for some. What I like is we’re able to hear him say sorry to the girls as he turns off their lights. 

We get to see the date between Kash and Sonya next. They seem to have a really cute, fun time and they make plans to hook up in Vegas.

Antonios is the next man to come off the “love lift” and after introducing himself he only has 10/30 lights because of his flair and dance moves. He’s a male model, and he says he goes by the name Prince Adonis with an entourage immediately getting him a blackout.

The next guy is Kacey and he speaks French. He keeps 24/30 after introductions. He has built his house with his own hands and he plays hockey. He’s such an incredibly sweet guy. By the end of the third round he has 13/30 girls left. He gets two very different answers, one is PG while the other is definitely not. He chooses the PG response which I’m very happy about. The girls who keep coming up with these relatively slutty responses don’t end up with the dates.

Greg, the last guy of the evening, seems to have some really bad dance moves and he looks quite young but he keeps 22/30. He’s a musician and kid at heart while wanting to be a firefighter, and he has 4/30 girls. After the last round explaining his tattoos, he ends with only one girl (Erin) who he gets the date with.

My Added Thoughts:

I’m really not wanting this show to continue for too much longer because we don’t see enough of the guys to actually like them.

What did you think of the episode?