The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 10 Recap/Review

The first of two live audience shows, this episode features all the rejected men discussing what occurred throughout the season with host, Chris Harrison. For a guest appearance, Emily Maynard comes on to assure us she ends up with somebody.

Nothing groundbreaking usually occurs in this episode, but there are some great events from the season that they’ll be discussing and it should be quite interesting.

We see a few extra clips of Travis and Emily singing his egg to sleep and Chris dancing really badly. Awe, I wish they showed this kind of stuff during the actual show, it would make us like some of the guys more and see their personalities.

When introducing the guys the only one who got a boo was Kalon who seemed to love the reaction, and the biggest cheers were for Sean (of course). I’m going to do some really quick updates:

  • Chris immediately gets angry about 
  • Kalon doesn’t fess up for calling Ricky baggage, he really knows how to manipulate his language
Hot Seat One:
Kalon comes on stage for the first hot seat. Chris is standing up for Emily and I always get such a great feeling off him. All the guys keep calling Kalon out on his shit. What I found really great was when Kalon kept referencing Ryan as his friend, and how they were alike, and Ryan looked so displeased to be put in that category, but I don’t know why he doesn’t speak up.
Hot Seat Two:
Ryan comes up to discuss his … interesting humor. Ryan is such an arrogant ass, just as he didn’t want to be portrayed. Chris tries to ask a question, but Ryan keeps interrupting him. What is between him and Chris? Why do they have such animosity? Chris Harrison comes up with so many wonderful, quick witted lines that are exactly what we’re all thinking.
Hot Seat Three:
Chris is up next, and apparently he’s scared. They show a series of incredibly adorable clips of Emily and Chris’ relationship, and then she doesn’t give him the rose. In his last little bit on the show they made him off as a kind of crazy guy, but in this clip he seems so normal and heartbroken and lovely. And during their interview there is no animosity between him and any of the guys, it’s weird. Did I misjudge everything?
Hot Seat Four:
After describing just how perfect Sean is, Chris brings him to the hot seat with all the girls screaming over him. The clips of Sean are so sweet, I so desperately want to comfort him and make him not hurt and everything is so incredibly devastating in this clip. And he seems just so incredibly classy in his reaction to being dumped, and I just have so much emotion about this. When we get his response after the video he is so heartfelt and he still has all of these feelings for Emily and gah!
Emily’s Discussion with Chris Harrison:
Tony runs up and gives her a hug which is so adorable. Emily looks incredibly gorgeous. She says hi to everyone and makes a special hi to Sean, which hurts me more than her just ditching him. Emily and Doug’s little conversation was so adorable. Kalon tries to . Emily seems so embarrassed that she liked Ryan. She seems so genuinely happy. 
Chris Harrison is so fantastic. “How many of these guys do you think you’ll sleep with?” I love that she plays along and says all twenty-five. It appears that she swears more then they’d have you believe.
In a preview for the finale, we see a recap of Arie where they’re kissing each other ALL the time while Jef and Emily we see such a budding romance, instead of just a casual hookup. I just get such a better feeling with the Jef clips than with the Arie clips. Clearly I’m 100 billion% supportive of the Jef relationship. But I want him for myself.
And then there’s the quotes that they both say…
Jef: I just want to hold her until I’m one hundred ten.
Arie: We can’t stop kissing.
So clearly, I want Jef and Emily to end up together, I can’t really hide that.
Tune in on Sunday to watch the three hour finale!

What did you think of the episode?