The Bachelorette – Season 8 – Episode 11 (Finale) Recap/Review

In the preview for the episode we see lots of tears from Emily and Chris Harrison being very supportive. They are definitely setting it up like they won’t choose either one, but Emily has constantly said that she is happy at the moment, so we shall see what occurs.

After the preview, we see Chris Harrison introduce the episode and announce that it’s live and with the bombshells that occur, they may interrupt the show for comments about it. It’s interesting that during the episode we get to hear the audience laughing and such during the actual show.

They are in Willemstad, Curacao. This is the episode where Jef and Arie meet Emily’s family. What troubles Emily at the moment is that she doesn’t know whether she wants the guys to meet Ricky or not.

Jef Meets the Family: Jef is up first, and he brings a two bouquets of flowers for her family. They seem so real and coupley and it just seems so real. Emily’s mum Suzie immediately pulls Jef off to the side. I get so giddy and smiley while watching Jef because he’s so cute and in love with Emily and it’s incredible. Ernie and Jef’s discussion seems to be good. Jef seems to have the exact same conversation with each of the family members, but what I like about the father and Jef conversation is that he asks for the fathers blessing. With no pause whatsoever, the father gives his blessing. I’m glad that he got what he wanted, and after that small meeting of the family, he wants to meet Ricky and propose. They’re just so incredibly cute together. This whole meet and greet took less than ten minutes which was surprising. Is it normally that short?

Arie’s Turn: His giggles are so cute. It’s so hard to tell who Emily likes more! The dad seems to like Jef more than Arie, which I find so wonderful. Arie is rambling because he’s nervous and the family doesn’t seem to be as receptive to him…until he brings out a gift for the family that’s a box of all the roses that Emily has given him. The mother has become smitten with both men, and now has no clue who she likes better. I’m glad that Ernie (the brother) asks Arie whether he’s just a smooth talker or if he actually likes her. Ernie and Suzie have the same response, who to choose? When Arie asks Emily’s father whether he has his blessing to marry Emily there’s such a pause. Of course he gets the blessing, but it was almost more awkward and the father wasn’t as excited about it.

Discussion with the Family: Emily just wants her family to choose for her, but that’s not what they can do. If she can’t choose from knowing them for so much longer, then why would they be able to choose? If Emily doesn’t want to introduce the men to Ricky, then I don’t understand how she could imagine that the guys would want to get engaged without meeting her daughter? That’s just strange.. When Suzy tells Emily that she should wait on an engagement is problematic. I understand her not wanting to get engaged, but she still shouldn’t just send both guys home or something either. I expect that isn’t what will happen, but it’s what they’re leading up to.

Emily & Ricky: When Chris asked the audience who they wanted her to end up with, the audience was definitely more a fan of Jef. Which is good. I feel like it really isn’t a big deal if Emily has Ricky meet both guys, but I’m also not a mother so I probably can’t tell.

Jef’s Date: Jef is cute and desperate to meet Ricky, I’m worried that he won’t get to meet her and that will hurt him. Emily and Jef keep having these intense conversations and it all seem so genuine. I know that he wants to meet Ricky, but he also seems quite understanding when she says she doesn’t know if she wants him to meet Ricky, but I feel he should try to convince her more. It’s possibly the first awkward moment they have had during the season, but Jef’s way that he tries to convince Emily is so smart. After asking Emily how she would feel if they had swapped positions, Emily gives a “spur of the moment” decision that Ricky should meet Jef.

Ricky and Jef’s Meeting: Now Jef will actually be able to propose to Emily because he has met this big portion of her life, but as Emily said. If the meeting doesn’t go well then her relationship with Jef is 100% done. Emily is introducing Jef to Ricky and she doesn’t even know that she’s meeting one of her mums boyfriends. It starts off a little awkward, but almost immediately Ricky is asking Jef to join her in the pool and they’re playing and having such a normal family moment. The fact that all of them were so normal and relaxed around each other.

Dinner Date: Jef and Emily are on their last bit of their date, out for dinner. They’re teasing each other about their past experiences, and I’m so happy with how great they are. Jef gives Emily a book about Curacao to signify their relationship, and I’m so happy about all of it. In the book he ended up drawing stick figures of the two of them in random pages of the book, and it’s such a great thing that they can look on forever.

Chris Harrison’s Assistance: Emily knows what she has to do, but with no idea how to do it. And then Chris shows up instead of Arie. What is it that she knows what to do? Emily keeps talking to Chris and then says that she knows Jef is the one. Before even going on the date with Arie, she wants to end it with Arie. It’s so noble that she doesn’t want him to propose and go through all of that and lead him on. I’m so happy because she is doing this properly and she’s choosing the right man. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle the heartbreak though.

The Heartbreak: Emily’s decision to end her relationship with Arie without dragging it on makes her seem like such a better person in my eyes. It’s so awful though, because Arie is going to make a love potion and he is talking about how excited he is that he’ll be engaged in a few days and that he knows how she feels… and it’s all so devastating because it’s all going to go wrong. She looks so apprehensive for this day. Why is she allowing him to put the love potion on her arms. I’m glad she gets to it almost immediately afterward. She’s crying and he’s so concerned and oh no. Once she tells him he gets very silent and looks off away from the camera trying to compose himself. I’m so sad, because he’s also so confident and he’s so in love with her, and I just want to hug him because he is taking it so… I have absolutely no complaints with how Arie reacted, even though it wasn’t as gracious as Sean, it was very realistic. He said that he couldn’t give her what she wanted in their relationship, so he doesn’t know what to say to make her satisfied with their end.

Ex Bachelor/ette’s: We get to see JP and Ashley being all cute, and I’m still so happy with their relationship.

Happily Ever After: The rest of the episode is happiness and flowers and engagements and excitement. Next up, Jef has to pick out a ring, and he chose a really nice one. I would have liked the first one he looked at, but the one he chose was gorgeous too. Jef is so wonderful with his words, and he looks so dashing in his suit. Jef seems all nervous about whether she’ll choose him or not, and Emily is concerned that she may not want to get engaged, but she wants him. It’s all so complicated!

Engagements Abound: Emily looks gorgeous in her coral colored gown, and Jef looks as amazing as ever. I so desperately want him for myself. Hearing Emily say I love you is so strange. The romantic music and the amazing words that Jef is saying to Emily, and it’s all just so romantic and it’s like a beautiful fairytale. I’m so happy how everything has worked out, it’s incredible. The cute clips they have cut together right afterward are so great. It’s such a powerful, upbeat, romantic thing, it’s so exciting. I really hope that their relationship lasts.

After the Final Rose: Emily comes on and she’s so beautiful and happy and I’m so happy. First, Arie comes up to discuss the heartbreak. He’s still looking good, and I love that he is so vocal with his problems. Apparently he flew to Charlotte to get closure or a beginning with Emily, but apparently he got there and realized it wasn’t right and he just left his journal with her for her to read. Apparently, she didn’t read it. After their emotional discussion, we get to see Jef and Arie. Jef is immediately so incredibly cute and he’s raving about how wonderful Emily and Ricky are, and it’s all so perfect. As Jef and Emily watch the proposal over again, they both seem so cute and happy. After they go to Africa on a humanitarian trip, Jef is moving out to Charlotte and getting his own place so as not to uproot Ricky from school, and then they’ll discuss their wedding which Emily wants to have in the spring sometime. I’m so happy for them, and I hope they do work out! They seem as though they will at least.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like who she chose? Did you like the way that Emily handled the situation?