Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “Consenting Adults” – 7/20/12

Last week, we saw Alex thinking she was pregnant, Charlie fighting for the ability to communicate with Alex, Joel deciding to be exclusive with Maggie, Gavin creating a connection and trying to help a patient, and Alex dealing with a patient nobody else was able to diagnose.

First Medical Case:

Alex has a patient with what she thinks is a non-cancerous tumor that she quickly removes when there are complications. An adverse reaction to the anesthetic puts her in a coma, where she meets Charlie. Dana makes a really unnecessary comment to Alex that I dislike. She’s such a bitch. Later, after the mother and fiancé get upset that Alex lied to them about the simplicity of the surgery, it appears that Dana may be right. I’m surprised by how I feel about this because I still like Alex and completely understand her reaction, but I also agree with Dana. After frantically running around the hospital, she comes across Charlie, who helps her realize what is happening. What’s interesting about this case is Sanja doesn’t want to wake up. She likes the idea of just getting away from the arranged marriage that is supposed to occur on the coming weekend.

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As Charlie and Sanja discuss their relationships and love, Charlie’s description of Alex is so caring and thoughtful, and I really hope he wakes up soon. I don’t like that they have Charlie and Sanja kiss as she wakes up. I understand that it’s not really like he’s cheating, but…I just wish they hadn’t. It feels weird to me.
Second Medical Case:

A man who has surgically implanted horns comes into the ER complaining of an infection, but the doctors realize it’s more than that. Joel immediately dislikes this man because of his appearance, but after defending him against other people, he starts to loosen up. I really like that we see a doctor’s prejudice show through in their work, but I’m also glad that by the end, Joel is able to overcome the prejudice and accept Carne. Joel’s ability to remove the horns and save Carne’s life shows the growth that both men have – Carne allows them to be removed while Joel doesn’t forcibly remove them. Also, Carne’s family is SO cute.
Charlie Drama:

Charlie’s ex-wife Dawn shows up at HZ again. She seems so calm as she says that he isn’t getting any better. I don’t know what to make of her reaction. Is she saying that Alex should pull the plug? That definitely isn’t a good idea. I can’t figure out what Dawn’s main ploy is if it isn’t trying to pull the plug. Right at the end of the episode, Dawn makes the announcement I had been expecting about wanting to pull the plug on Charlie’s life support. I’m so displeased with this suggestion, I don’t know how to put it into words. They can’t just get rid of Charlie! How can she be so cold? He was her husband at one time.

Charlie’s coma arousal therapy continues, this time with a male masseuse named Ashley coming in to assist. He pulls out a guitar and starts singing to Charlie, but he’s just not really very helpful… Until he solves the “what’s wrong with Sanja?” question. I’m glad that Charlie always figures these things out and then soon after, Alex will as well. It’s like her knowledge comes from Charlie. At least she figures it out!

In the flashback of the episode, we see them having dinner and discussing buying a barn because it means something to him. Of all the things we see of them together, they’re all so random, and I feel like they don’t really pertain to the episode very much. At least, this one didn’t. Oh well. At least I got to see some cute Charlie/Alex moments.
More of My Thoughts:

I was surprised that we saw no hospital drama this week, but I’m okay without it because the drama and medical cases we had definitely made me forget about the wish for Joel/Maggie drama and such.
Next Episode:

Check out the preview for next week’s episode “Heartsick,” airing on July 26, 2012.

– Basically, the whole preview revolves around Charlie’s possible death and whether Alex or Dawn gets the rights to make his life or death decisions.
– We’ll see the law side of this as well, I expect.
– I don’t see how they could not give Alex the decision in the end, because Dawn doesn’t want to keep Charlie alive so that would quickly end that whole part of the show immediately.
What did you think of the episode?

Recap/Review – Saving Hope – “Consenting Adults” – 7/20/12