Take Me Out 1×08 -Episode Recap/Review

I can’t believe that I have watched every episode… Let’s get ready for the season finale!

The first girl comes out and you can see things that you shouldn’t. They couldn’t get shorter dresses. They keep talking to Zaza, and when cutting to a clip of all the girls somebody had a huge sneer on her face. I’m glad everybody dislikes Zaza.

Dremarcus is the first guy and he doesn’t’ even try to dance which I’m happy about. What has he done with his hair? It’s in a tiny pony tail at the back and it’s only on the top of his head and then there’s a tiny bit right at the bottom with a pony tail too… What is going on back there? 20/30 girls remain, but when George goes to ask the girls why they turned off their lights, they were all weirded out by the pony tails and soul patch… It was all too weird. He reveals that he’s a 32 year old virgin, and only 4/30 lights remain after that section. Surprisingly, Zaza is one of the girls who kept her light on, which is surprising because she’s one of the sluttiest of all the girls on the show. There are two virgin girls as well, and he ends up taking Megan instead of Zaza.

We see Zach and Brooke’s date next. They drive around in an old car for a while and they had a good time. I really don’t like how they do these sections, because they’re so DULL.

The second guy (Tyler, Orange County) comes off down the lift and he’s attractive. All of the girls seem stunned and he walks off almost a little cocky, like he knows they all like him. George is even happy to be standing next to him. He keeps all 30 lights from his introduction, and when George talks to the girls they’re all fawning over him like they can’t get enough. During his first video segment he reveals that he has a tattoo saying Mommy on his butt, and he works in the family business. When 21/30 girls keep their lights on, George talks to Zaza who turned her light off. She doesn’t like the tattoo, another girl wants to change her name to Mommy so she can be on his ass. So that was some good sex jokes I guess. In his last segment he keeps all of the same 21 girls. Which is absurd. But honestly, nothing would have made me want to turn my light off either. It’s unfortunate, because he has to turn 19 lights off before asking a question. I really dislike Natasha, the token overweight girl. She’s so frustrating. After turning off the 19 lights, he comments that apparently he likes tall girls – his remaining two are taller than him.

I’m happy that Mindy’s date last week went well. She wore the worst outfit in the world, but oh well.

The third guy (George) of the episode shows up and everybody seems quite taken with him, he remains with 23 lights we haven’t heard him say anything, and one of the girls is going on about how witty he is. He loses all but 10 girls after he mentions tattoos and skateboards. In George’s last segment, he shows up with lots of bling and he’s rapping REALLY badly. How did he keep lights on during that? It was absolutely ridiculous. Nicole W keeps gushing over this guy, and it’s just so ridiculous. She’ll feel quite stupid if he chucks her. If you were a fortune cookie, what would your fortune be. Nicole W says it would be blank so he could fill it in, while Ladonna (what a unique name) says it would be not to settle for less than one deserves. I’d choose Ladonna, because she actually answered the question, but George ended up choosing Nicole W.

I’m so happy this is the season finale. FINALLY no more of Lopez’s ridiculous jokes!

What did you think of the episode?

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