Guys With Kids 1×01 “Pilot” -Recap/Review

Another new comedy on NBC, GUYS WITH KIDS is a show about three 30something men with young children dealing with parenthood as they act like big kids themselves.

Recently divorced dad, Chris, is dealing with raising his son amidst his goofball friends, a spiteful ex, dating, and normal life drama. His two friends Gary, a stay at home dad with four children, and Nick, an eccentric guy focused on fun, live vicariously through Chris as he tries to navigate the life of a single father.

I found myself laughing continuously throughout the episode. The three main men have a wonderful friendship that translates well on screen. Although only a 22 minute show, each man had their own moments and the backstories seem to be full enough to develop for at least one season. In a side now, how cute are all of these men with children around them throughout the episode? SO sweet!

Look below for a recap and more of my review…

In this episode, the three friends are out at the pub for lunch when a girl gets cute with Chris’ baby. Nick instigates a date between this girl and Chris, but Chris’ ex-wife, Sheila, claims to have her own date while also refusing to allow a babysitter. Chris goes for the date anyway, dropping off his child with Nick to look after. Sheila calls while Chris is on the date, forcing Chris to rush back to his apartment so she doesn’t know about the date. When he gets there, his apartment is a mess as Nick and Gary have been playing Wii and all of the children have been creating havoc. Sheila is close on his heels, outraged by his disregard for her decisions. They end up reconciling somewhat after he finally stands up for himself as their child’s father, giving himself a say in the discussions.

Gary and his wife Marny are plagued by not having a TV after the children broke theirs, and they never have any time alone. With Marny out all day, Gary looks after the children and is beginning to lose his mind without the TV. Nick’s wife Emily comes over to complain about Nick not taking her to their daughter’s Titanic-themed school charity ball, which Marny takes her to instead, leaving Gary alone again. While Nick and Gary are in Chris’ apartment with all the children, they discuss that it wasn’t the event specifically, but that Emily wanted to go out with her husband, and see him get dressed up. Later, when Emily gets home she finds an ‘iceberg’ in the middle of the living room, Christmas lights set up all around, and Nick in a tux making up for not going to the event with her.

I will definitely continue to watch this show as I got lots of laughs from it, and I’m enjoying this premise. I mean… how often do we see guys with kids?

Guys With Kids airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 10/9c.

Did you like the pilot and will you be continuing to watch?