“The Bourne Legacy” lived up to its predecessors.

Jason Bourne has discovered his identity and uncovered the truths of the Treadstone Project. His exposure of the Treadstone project and Operation Blackbriar leads to a chain of people being investigated by the FBI which leads to Operation Outcome. Enter Eric Byer (Edward Norton, The Incredible Hulk), he decides to shut down Outcome which leads to Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner, The Town) and Dr Marta Sheering (Rachel Weisz, The Mummy) to join forces and flee.

IMDB users: 7.0/10

RT Rating: Audience 57% Critics 55%

This was an interesting way to continue the franchise without the main character, but it didn’t have the same level of excellence the others had. With a complicated plot that never seemed to get to the precipice I hoped for, it’s like the writers didn’t know how to finish the plot with anything more than some lacking action and a sudden finish.

I don’t know how to describe my feelings for this movie really… On one hand you have a wonderful, magnetic, powerful performance from Jeremy Renner and a good connection with Weisz. But on the other hand, the action wasn’t exciting like the first three movies were and the plot took too long to build without enough of a finish. I don’t know if I can even call the ending of this movie a finish. It doesn’t seem to leave an opening for any more movies, and there are so many questions left. More of an anticlimax then anything else, but they weren’t the most exciting of events leading up to it.

All in all, I found myself very disappointed by this movie. Without the pizazz of Matt Damon, the intense action scenes, or the cohesive storyline this movie lacks all that was best about the Bourne series.

My Rating: 5.5/10

What did you think of the new Bourne movie?