Revolution 1×01 “Pilot” – Recap/Review

Imagine a world where there was no electricity: no computers, phones, TVs, cars or even banks. Where everybody was sent back to the Stone Age in a matter of seconds after the electricity was suddenly and inexplicably cut off. Planes fell from the sky, cars stopped working, and lights stopped working.

This show seems to have potential… But my opinion on J.J. Abrams shows have been going downhill. I find most his shows have great potential but they provide too many questions without enough answers, or the first episode tells you how the entire season will go. It just seems like every episode they’ll continue to traverse to different towns to find different things, and end up fighting the militia (or some other group) every week.

My main problems with this show was my dislike for the main character and that I kept relating it to other TV shows. I really tried to like the main girl, Charlie, but I felt her character was too weak to be a main person of this type of show. She is supposed to be fighting to free her brother, save her family from the militia, and get revenge for her father. Does she seem capable of any of that? Absolutely not. She shot an arrow and ran when he came after her (because she missed) and then when he was whaling on her she cowered in a corner, relying on somebody else to save her. Is that seriously what I’m supposed to get from a female lead? No. I appreciate this show making a female lead, but this character was very inadequate. It isn’t like she was suddenly thrust into this role, there has been no electricity for fifteen years!

I found that I was reminded of many other shows. Many shows have the same idea with electricity going out or a nuclear holocaust or other such Armageddon-type problems where people are then secluded in small communities fending for themselves with groups coming in and disrupting the peace. My most memorable and recent example is Jericho. Fortunately for Jericho I liked the main character, the plot, and the drama. It also changed every week making it something unique and interesting to dig my teeth into. Another recent reminder I got from this show was that the necklace that allowed people to regain their electricity was just like the rings in Flash Forward which made the wearers keep consciousness during the flash forward in time. Clearly there will be more discoveries in this direction, but as I just watched a show focused on that I’m not desperate to watch another one with a similar twist.

In summary? I won’t be watching anymore. Want to persuade me to watch more? Then tell me in the question area below!

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Ben hurriedly comes home to his wife, daughter, and son claiming “it’s going to happen now” and begins downloading something onto a USB drive that he plugs into a circular necklace. Soon after, the electricity shuts off.

Fifteen years later, him and his children are in a small and peaceful farming village hunting for all their food with bow and arrow when the militia comes in requesting Ben to come with them. Before they get to him, he gives his USB necklace to his friend Aaron. As he’s about to give himself up to the militia, his son Danny aims a crossbow at the Captain Tom Neville leading the militia to pull weapons killing Ben and taking Danny captive. As Ben is dying he tells Charlie to find his brother Miles as he can help them get Danny back.

Charlie, Aaron, and the town doctor Rachel set out for Chicago to find Miles. As they’re going through the wilderness, Charlie happens upon Nate cleaning his bow. Why is he on his own in that forest area? She seems to know something is off because she doesn’t tell Rachel or Aaron that she saw him. Soon, they find a crashed plane to get more first aid equipment for their journey and they decide to spend the night there. Suddenly, they’re awoken by three men. Charlie is taken off to the front of the plane with one of the guys, and the other two men drink from Rachel’s poisoned whiskey. Charlie is screaming but unable to attack the man with her, but she’s saved by Nate who kills the man with an arrow. After Nate saves her, he joins them on their journey to Chicago with almost no questions asked. There are so many things wrong with this plane scene… The three of them are going off on their own into “the dangerous world” and yet they don’t have somebody always keeping watch so they aren’t bombarded? Nate followed Charlie and they barely batt an eyelash? It’s just, oh sure you helped us so you can come with us now. I don’t know what kind of lax world they lived in before, but it’s been fifteen years of militia and no electricity. Get a backbone and fight your own battles — something Charlie clearly can’t do, as later Nate saves her for the second time in one episode.

They get to Chicago and easily find Miles who the militia has been trying to find for fifteen years. Charlie the weak girl was able to find him in a matter of seconds, but the strong, powerful, resourceful militia couldn’t find him? That’s totally absurd and definitely false. There is a lot that they didn’t think about when making this show. When Miles sees Nate he immediately discovers the M branded on his arm showing that he is militia. Such an easy test, and nobody thought to check it?

Miles sends the group away and waits for the militia to come for him the next day. When they do he appears to be a master killer of the group, when Charlie shoots one with an arrow then runs away as another follows her. As he is whaling on her, she does nothing but cower in a corner until Nate saves her for a second time. I don’t know how to describe my displeasure at her not being capable of fighting her own battles. Or really of doing anything but causing trouble. Miles ends up agreeing to help find Danny because the militia has found him anyway.

As this was happening, Danny escaped from the militia wagon but had an asthma attack outside a woman, Grace’s, house. He woke up in a bedroom of that house with her sons inhaler. Having an inhaler means it’s from at least fifteen years ago. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think the medicine in that would still be safe for consumption. When militia knock on Grace’s door they recapture Danny. Good job getting away for a few seconds at least. Once they leave, the two big episode (season?) reveals are shown. The first is that Grace has the same necklace/USB that Ben gave to Aaron, and when she presses the centre it lights up with electricity and she is able to use a (very old) computer and communicate with someone. So people do still have electricity, how curious. Does that mean Ben was involved in the extinction of electricity? The second reveal is that the head of the militia (Sebastian ‘Bass’ Monroe) has the M tattooed on his arm, instead of branded (so clearly he did this before the electricity left with everyone else copying him), and he was military with Miles in the car as electricity was shut off.

With those two reveals it does make me curious as to where the show will go, but definitely not enough to keep watching. I feel as though it will be the same every episode: traveling somewhere, encountering the militia, and trying to find people.

What did you think of the episode?