The New Normal 1×01-03 – Review

Featured around the life of a single mother as she becomes a surrogate for a gay couple.

This show was neither fantastic nor awful. My mixed feelings lead me to want to watch more of this show to make a full decision, but with as many shows as I want to watch I just won’t have time.


The jokes in this show were kind of awful. There was so much bigotry and offensive material. And it was all very cliched. I know it’s supposed to seem awful, you’re supposed to like the gay couple and the surrogate mum. You’re supposed to dislike all the bigots. But not only did I dislike the bigots, I just wanted to turn off the TV and never think about it again.


Even though I have many moments that I detest, there are subtle emotional scenes that engaged me. I felt things for the characters in those moments and I wanted to keep watching to continue getting the emotion. If only they didn’t want to try and push the envelope when they weren’t actually pushing it all.

What did you think?