New Girl 2×01-02 “Relaunch” & “Katie” -Review

An offbeat young woman, Jess, moves into an apartment with three men after a bad breakup.

When this show came on last year I immediately fell in love with it. Zooey Deschanel is charming and zany with a naive attitude that makes her positively lovable and sweet. Her roommates are all incredibly entertaining. Schmidt’s exterior as a douche makes for many laughs, but it’s easy to see that he truly does care. Nick is smart and adorable but without the goals of where to go, and Winston as the sometimes goofy, sometimes straight-laced sports pro turned coach. The dynamic of three men and one woman sharing an apartment is played out brilliantly in this show as they all have such a chemistry that shines.

The start of this season brings another tragedy, although instead of finding her boyfriend with another woman, she is laid off from her job. Refusing to be pitied after this upsetting news, she volunteers as a shot girl for Schmidt’s rebranding party now that he is out of his penis cast. Nick has such a good insight, knowing that Jess isn’t up for this sort of a job. After dancing on a table and finally being accepted, Jess breaks down and runs out until Nick finds her and makes her smile again. For Schmidt, t’s been two months since breaking up with Cece and he didn’t expect her to show up at his party — especially not with a geeky boyfriend. But she does, and he tries to impress her. They end up sort of having an emotional conversation before she leaves. I’m intrigued by what will happen with them for the rest of the season, because I definitely expect them to get back together or hook up again or something.

In the second episode, Nick brings Jess to his bar in the morning where she starts drinking early to go “off the grid”. She connects with a cute guy dropping off beer at the bar with his friend, and asks Nick to give him her number. A few minutes later, an incredibly attractive man confuses her for this woman, Katie, he met on an online dating service. She goes along with it and ends up with the best sex of her life. Trying to juggle two guys, she discovers that Nick gave her number to the wrong guy, and she has to try to get rid of him so she can find the second guy (Sam). While in the bar bathroom with Sam, the first guy (Bearclaw) discovers them, leading to Sam finding out her true identity and Bearclaw getting hurt. Once back in her apartment, Sam shows up, not caring that she lied because their sex was so great.

I wish David Walton (Sam) were to appear in a few more episodes because he’s really attractive and funny, but his comedy wasn’t really shown in this episode enough. Jess needs to have more casual sex with some really attractive guy. Preferably with him getting attached instead of her (but she could get attached as well). This definitely conflicts with my next point about Jess/Nick, but oh well…

Since the first episode of the season one I have wanted Nick and Jess to get together. I don’t know how to explain it, other than they would be perfect together. He’s such a wonderful, caring, amazing man and if of the guys we see on this show he’s definitely the best. He also has such a great way with her, he always knows how she’ll be feeling about things, and they’re great together. I guess that also works as them being friends, so I’m not saying anything really has to come from it, but it would be nice.

What are your predictions for the new season?