Elementary 1×01 “Pilot” Review

Sherlock Holmes has become extremely popular in recent years leading to at least the third reincarnation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation in the past few years.

In a modern day New York edition of this show, we find Lucy Liu as Joan Watson, the sidekick of Johnny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of the new escapades with Holmes and Watson. The pairing seems spot on as they have a great working chemistry without immediately being chummy. I like the backstories that have already been hinted at. This show seems to have lifted the two main characters from the Sherlock Holmes stories and run with their own ideas after that. THis unique revamping of the story is what will keep me watching.

My only concern is that with other massively popular (and very recent) versions of Sherlock this may be forgotten because of the layout of the show. At least, so far this show seems to focus around the characters and normal crime solving in New York. Perhaps it won’t turn out to be like that, but it just doesn’t seem fitting to have other Sherlock regulars and that kind of Sherlock stuff mixed in with this show.

I will definitely be watching more of this show. 

What do you think of this new version?