‘Once Upon A Time’ 2×01 “Broken” Recap/Review

Many things aren’t as expected after magic returns to Storybrooke. With reunions, soul-suckers, and a twist this season is off to an interesting start.

Most of the reunions were sweet, but the most important one was initially a little bitter. Red and Snow and Snow and her seven dwarves were sweet and passed over quickly. What everybody was waiting for was the reunion between Emma and her parents Snow and Prince Charming. It was so sweet seeing the excitement on the parents faces but I completely understand Emma’s unfavorable reaction to them. Having been abandoned for 28 years definitely doesn’t make somebody gleeful to meet their parents, even if the abandonment was for the good of everyone. Emma promises to protect Regina after she is marked by the soul sucking Wraith. Too bad Harry Potter wasn’t available to whip out his want to defeat the Dementor. As they get Jefferson’s hat to send the Wraith to Fairy Tale Land which Regina says no longer exists, Emma and Snow slip in as well. Charming takes Henry with him after Henry tells Regina she must get them back.

In Fairy Tale Land, Prince Phillip goes with Mulan to wake Aurora, but after her waking they’re on the run from a Wraith because Phillip is marked. To save Aurora and Mulan (who both happen to be in love with him, and I have to say he with them) he sacrifices himself to the Wraith. At the end of the episode, we see Emma and Snow unconscious in Fairy Tale Land, having brought the Wraith that killed Phillip with them.

Coming in without having seen more than two or three episodes throughout last season I can’t say that I’ll continue watching. It’s a fun show but I find it a bit too much for me to continue with every week. There is so much that I have missed from first season that I feel I need to know to actively watch, but I’m not interested enough to invest the time that would take. So for all of you watching this season, have fun! Maybe I’ll review next season’s premiere episode and get even more confused.