‘The Amazing Race’ 23×01 “Double Your Money” – Recap/Review

A new season of The Amazing Race has started, and with that comes 11 new couples and a twist. Phil announces the exciting twist for the season which is the chance to double the winning money. If the team wins both the first and last leg of the race, they get $2 million instead of $1 million. 12 legs, 9 countries, and over 25,000 miles, so lets get started!

The Couples:

Trey & Lexi from Texas are the quintessential country town football and cheerleader pairing. Natalie & Nadiya (nickname: twins) are from New York raised in Sri Lanka. James & Aba (nickname: rockers) are rockstar and lawyer friends. Josh & Brent are gay goat farmers initially from the city. Amy & Daniel. The cliche on-and-off couple with a twist. Amy is a double leg amputee who loves snowboarding. Definitely supporting them and am very excited for the amazing feats she’ll accomplish. Caitlin & Brittany (nickname: blondies) are the athletic girls trying to prove they’re not as stupid as they seem. Rob & Sheila are an older couple. Gary & Will are substitute teachers who are the super-fans of the show. #TeamUnique. Abbie & Ryan think they’re very physical but he might be really cocky. Jaymes & James (nickname: chippies) are chippendales performers. Very attractive and possibly entertaining. Rob & Kelley are monster truckers, they’re a bit wild so that’ll be interesting.

The Race:

To get to their first clue they must do a repel. This is a great test to see what teams will be successful on some of the more daring tasks they need to complete. The goat farmers are down first with the chippendales close behind. Immediately driving to the airport, only the first seven teams get the first flight to China. Chippendales are the first team on a flight.

Upon landing in China, they must get to Sports Centre Stadium for a road block. Who’s ready to get paddled? Each team must score one point against the Chinese junior champion, not a particularly easy feat. Natalie & Nadiya are already yelling and screaming at each other which makes them my first hated team of the season. I feel the junior champ seemed to slack off after the first few rounds because there were a lot of easy points given away.

Next, they must go to a Chinese restaurant for a second road block. Their task is to eat two papaya’s full of frogs fallopian tubes. YUM. The chippendales initially have a problem with it, but he goes “beast mode” which gets him to finish it quickly. As the *monster trucker* eats the fallopian tubes he picks up the papaya which the clue specifically said you were not able to do so he has to do it again.

With the next clue people are sent to the Bund to look for a lady using an abacus. Sadly, most teams don’t seem to know what an abacus is, causing them to go right past her. Amy and Daniel find the woman right away, and help others which leads the other team to get to the pit stop first. The chippendales follow people who already have the clue but they immediately turn around upon realizing their mistake to continue their search. 

Teams must travel on foot to the Bund Observatory is the first pitstop in this race. Abbie and Ryan are the first team to arrive, giving them the ability to win $2,000,000. Last to arrive, and subsequently eliminated, are Rob and Sheila.

More Thoughts:

My initial favourites are the chippendales. They cut it pretty close, bringing it down to a foot race and beating the last team by a few seconds. With the twins as my hated team.

In the preview for the rest of the season, we see lots of cheering and even more tragedy. Also, the chippies get into their “formal but ready to party” chippies outfit sometime during the season. How exciting!

What did you think of the episode?