Pass/Fail: ‘The New Normal’ 5 Episode Test

With NBC quickly signing on for a full season of ‘The New Normal, it’s time to take another look at the show with the pass/fail meter.

After reviewing the first three episodes of TNN I said I was unsure about the show. There were some sweet, emotional moments but overall I found it too crass and unfunny to be a comedy that I would continue watching. But something still tried to stick with me.

Tonight’s episode marks the fifth episode of this show to air. Indeed, it’s much earlier than most shows are renewed. This episode, entitled ‘Nanagasm’ featured more of the bigoted jokes than ever before. I’m not very tolerant of bigotry, so having a show with someone spewing stuff like this in a serious manner isn’t my brand of comedy. Clearly, it gets a fail from me.

I’m not surprised that NBC signed on for a full season. Trying to get their name back up at the top with a controversial show like this is something everyone seems to have expected from this network, but it still seems to be working — so far.

Are you happy this show was renewed?