Vegas 1×01 “Pilot” Review

After the Governor’s daughter is murdered, a former rodeo cowboy becomes the county sheriff in Las Vegas. This episode garnered massive interest, clearly winning the ratings game for CBS but will it continue into the second week?

It’s weird seeing movie actors stuck in a TV role. It’s a much different place to be, spending so much time on a character that is seen for around 20 hours instead of 1 or 2. As is normal with Dennis Quaid, I was not disappointed in the slightest. A cowboy at heart with a background in law enforcement. Never without his hat he brings a wonderful western side to this 60s era Vegas, casino, mobster show.

Coming into Vegas as a former mobster, Michael Chiklis brings a quiet power to his character. It’s easy to play a mobster as really flashy and violent, but Chiklis adds a darkness that makes him just as frightening, if not more so, than the flashy counterpart most shows depict.

My favourite thing about this show is the relationship Quaid and Chiklis have. Clearly, they are not friends but they show respect for each other as they try to go about their work. As Ralph goes about trying to get rid of crime in Vegas, Vincent Savino is trying to build himself up as a powerful casino owner in the town of casinos. The repartee these two guys have whenever they interact is fun.

Other things I like about this show is Carrie-Ann Moss and the decade. Carrie-Ann Moss is amazing, and I’m so happy her Canadian talent will be widely known for something other than just the Matrix trilogy. Although not a large feature of this first episode, I expect big things from her in future episodes. Also, the way they have placed this show in the 60s was done quite brilliantly. Most shows try to focus really heavily on the decade they’re trying to replicate, either making the storyline less important or causing too many noticeable discrepancies. This show fell into neither problem as they didn’t focus on the decade. They just casually slipped them into 60s clothes and filmed them on a 60s style set while focusing on plot and character development.

Although I won’t be religiously watching this show every week, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on it.

What did you think of this new 60s procedural and will you keep watching?

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