‘The Mob Doctor’ Review

After becoming indebted to the South Chicago mafia, Dr. Grace Devlin is forced to pay it off by being a mob doctor while also working full time at a prominent hospital in Chicago.

This appears to be the season of strong female leads. In Elementary Watson is played by Lucy Liu, in Revolution there are at least five women, and here we have Mob Doctor bringing Jordana Spiro as a feisty doctor who, although put in a difficult situation, still tries to do the right thing.

Just as Saving Hope had an interesting twist to the common hospital drama, so too does this show. Having the mob aspect shows the real strength Grace has as she doesn’t bend to their will, but still tries to get justice for the people that they kill as she does the smallest amount possible to satisfy her mob boss. Isn’t it handy that the mob always calls her while she’s on break at the hospital? I mean, what would happen if they called while she was doing rounds?

With her involvement in the mob, this leads to lots of mob drama getting involved in the show as well as the personal drama of those in the hospital. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it) there are many less hospital characters that we get to know. I suspected immediately that her and the cute guy were dating, but will that go south when she isn’t able to hide her mob connections? To be honest I doubt it, he seems like the kind of guy to stick by her. I just… If her brother has got back into the mob then why doesn’t she tell her boss to put the debt back on him to make up instead? That’s my one real problem with the storyline of the show.

Although I did enjoy watching the first episode or two of this show, it’s more of a Grey’s Anatomy tune-in-when-I-have-the-time type show rather than something I watch every week. Maybe it’ll turn out I do catch it each week, as it’s on between The Amazing Race and 666 Park Avenue, giving me an hour to kill in between. We shall see I guess!

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