‘Ben & Kate’ Review

Although not unique in it’s premise, that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. The dreamer Ben Fox moves in with his overprotective sister Kate and her daughter Maddie.

What I love about this show is that although it’s a simple plot there are lots of laughs. The chemistry between Ben and Kate is very familial and they seem to click really well. Ben brings lots of laughs for his silly behaviour, and Kate gets some with her analyzing behaviour as well. Just as much as I love the two main characters, their two friends are just as great. Without trying to steal attention away from the brother-sister pairing, they take just enough time so we aren’t stifled.

Kate’s friend BJ is great as the show’s resident risqué girl. I wouldn’t say she’s skanky, as she pretends to be much worse than she is (unless she hides her dates very well from everybody), but it brings a great character foil to Kate’s much stricter, controlled libido. We also have Ben’s friend Tommy who is in love with Kate. Seeing a guy have an unrequited love on a show is refreshing. It’s not that we never see such characters played by men, but he has a take on it that feels like something that I relate with very closely.

This show fits perfectly into my comedy Tuesday routine, so I’ll definitely continue watching this one.

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