Top Fives: Lindsay Lohan Movies

With more charges against Lindsay Lohan coming up, I decided I would put her on my top fives because as I was growing up her movies were the fun thing to watch and isn’t it so easy to choose five from such a short list?


1. Mean Girls (2004) quickly became a cult classic and is easily number one on my list. An outsider comes into a school and befriends the popular Plastics who use rumours and other techniques to keep themselves above the rest. Some of the best lines from high school came from this movie. I enjoyed it so much because it was quite different from my high school experience, but similar in many ways as well. Most people can easily identify with Cady’s outsider feeling, but can also feel sympathy toward the lesser Plastics.

2. Just My Luck (2006) is the story of Manhattanite Ashley. She’s lucky, rich, popular, but doesn’t have a guy in her life. After coming across Jake she loses everything when he ‘steals’ her luck. A cute love story with special guest McFly performing throughout, this movie was a hit with my friends and I because who doesn’t want to gawk at Chris Pine all movie? Now you can find him in things like Star Trek while you can find her in and out of jail. I wonder who left with the luck at the end of that shoot?

3. Herbie Fully Loaded (2005) features Lohan as a girl with an old car that wants to be a NASCAR competitor. Yes, the car has a mind of it’s own which happens to bring her into the line of her cute friend, Kevin (Justin Long) who will fix it up so she can beat Trip Murphy. Hiding her identity in the race, breaking her promise to her father, and lots of other hijinks ensue making this really sound like it’s sending a great message. At least it was fun, albeit a bit too silly.

4. The Parent Trap (1998) is one of Lindsay’s most well known movies, and definitely one of the times she worked the hardest. Having to play two characters instead of one must have been quite a feat but it’s also one of the most well received. Separated at birth, these identical twins meet again in summer camp and plot a way to get their parents back together.

5. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004) has Lindsay doing what she’s best at: being dramatic. Mary (Lohan) thinks her entire city revolves and her until she’s forced to move to the suburbs and push herself into the spotlight once more. When her favourite band Sidarthur calls it quits, she desperately tries to get to New York to see their last performance and meet her idol, Stu Wolf. As always, farfetched drama comes from Lohan but she plays it well.

Now that you’ve seen my list, do you think I missed any great Lindsay Lohan movies?

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