Random Netflix Movie Night #8

Tonight I watched About Cherry. Angelina leaves home with her friend Andrew (who happens to be in love with her) for San Francisco when she’s 18. Once there, she’s introduced to the world of pornography as she tries to discover herself.


Movies about pornography usually have two directions to go in: celebrations of open sexuality or puritanical rage. This movie hovers in the middle, making points towards both but never stepping outside of the porn bubble and looking at it. That’s partially because our main protagonist is the porn star with friends involved in the industry, but also because the writers just seemed unwilling to take a chance.

For a movie about porn you’d expect some risqué scenes, but the sex scenes aren’t very sexy. In fact, they come across as tame and awkward. The entire industry seems much more friendly and welcoming then I would imagine it to be. The script is lacking in that it doesn’t go into anything it brings up. The underlying story of her friend Andrew and his unrequited love could have been played up and done so much better, or at least had a different (albeit less fitting) ending. It’s hinted that she has a bad family life and we see glimpses so we can make assumptions, but what are the writers trying to tell us?

No matter my complaints with the movie it wasn’t all bad. Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionare) was great in his bits, even though he wasn’t given much to work with. I also enjoyed James Franco’s (127 Hours) drug-addicted lawyer, but again he didn’t have much to go with. All of the performances were acceptable, and if the plot had depth this would have been a good movie. How unfortunate.

Have you seen it, and if so, what did you think?