Information About the Oscars

You call them the Oscars, but did you know the award is actually an Academy Award of Merit? Neither did I. The Oscars have always just been a nickname for the show, actually called the Academy Awards, but this year the producers have decided to call it ‘The Oscars’ to get more people to watch. I don’t know how that’ll work though…

Created in 1929, this awards ceremony is quite old (84 years to be exact) with 6,000+ voters each year. The BAFTAs have more voters, around 6,500, while the Golden Globes have only approximately 90 members of the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) voting. The SAGs have the most voters at 120,000 people in the Guild able to vote.

In 1929, it cost $5 to enter but now it is invite only. Much swankier! The shortest show was in 1959 (Best Picture: Gigi) coming in at only 1h40m while the longest was 4h23m in 2002 (Best Picture: A Beautiful Mind). 55.2 million watched in 1998 (Best Picture: Titanic) and the lowest was more recent, with a measly 32 million in 2008 (Best Picture: No Country for Old Men). In 2012 (Best Picture: The Artist) the Oscars had 39.3 million viewers worldwide.

This year has the oldest and youngest Best Actress nominees. Emmanuelle Riva is 85 and Quvenzhane Wallis is 9. The oldest previous winner of the award is Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy (1990) who was 80, and the youngest winner was Marlee Matlin when she was 21 in Children of a Lesser God (1987).

This year, Seth McFarlane is the host of the show for his first time. Last year saw Billy Crystal return to host for the ninth time and Bob Hope has hosted 18 times since 1940.

Who is your favourite host?