Interview with Austin Nivarel

Austin Nivarel is a singer/songwriter of pop/rock music from Wisconsin. His album “What We Don’t Say Out Loud” comes out today. I had a chance to interview him recently, so check out what he had to say below! We discussed Nirvana, his inspiration, and Dr. Steve Brule’s Check It Out!

If you can remember, what were some of the first CDs you had as a kid?

Austin: I had all of the Nirvana CDs by the time I was like 9. Before that, probably just some popular radio stuff.

How did you realize you wanted to get into music?

AN: It’s something that I’ve always really loved, so I just kind of ended up falling into it I guess. Very glad I did!

Walk me through your new album. What are your favourite songs? Do you have any good stories from writing or recording the album?

AN: I always feel weird picking favorites, but my favorites to play live would probably be ‘Invisible’ and ‘Try’. The stories from the process are kind of endless. The producer, Jeff, and I would joke around nearly all the time, and usually just end up on YouTube watching episodes of Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule.

How long has this album been in the works?

AN: I believe I started writing it late summer of 2011, then did a bunch of demoes and stuff until we actually recorded it in July of 2012. After that it was all post-production stuff live mixing, mastering, artwork, etc. So between the time I started writing it and the release date, a little over a year and a half total.

Where does your inspiration come from?

AN: Everywhere. Experiences, life, love, other music, family, friends, and the list goes on and on.

Tell me about your writing process. Do you normally get the lyrics then the melody, vice versa, or all together?

AN: It’s probably never the same twice. Sometimes I’ll start with a melody, sometimes with a certain set of lyrics, or sometimes some instrumental stuff that I just build off of.

I first heard of you through your cover of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Enchanted’. What is your favourite cover you’ve done?

AN: Probably ‘I Want You Back’ by Jackson 5. I don’t really do covers much anymore, and that was one of the last I did. It’s a really great song and was a blast to record.

What instruments can you play?

AN: Guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion, and ukulele. I think that’s it, for now!

Who are some of your biggest influences?

AN: The Starting Line, Copeland, Bright Eyes, The Academy Is…, Coldplay, Taking Back Sunday, and Weezer. I name different ones in every interview because there are so many.

What’s on your iTunes? Any guilty pleasures?

AN: I can’t say I necessarily have any guilty pleasures because anything that I care enough to listen to, I wouldn’t be afraid to admit!

With the album releasing today, what are your upcoming plans?

AN: I want to keep putting out as much music as possible, so I plan to keep writing and recording a ton, but I DO really want to start focusing more on shows and getting some touring in.

Austin’s album releases today on iTunes! Check back later today for an album review of “What We Don’t Say Out Loud”!