Austin Nivarel’s “What We Don’t Say Out Loud” CD Review


Austin Nivarel is from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. He does vocals, guitars, piano, bass, programming, and percussion with Tony Wick on drums and percussion. His first CD, “What We Don’t Say Out Loud,” released today on iTunes.

WWDSOL starts out strong with the first single On Our Own, a catchy, fun, sing-a-long tune. One of my favourite songs, it made a powerful start to the CD. There were a few times that the album faltered, such as with the song Fortunes which was a bit all over the place. However, generally it was an enjoyable debut to listen to. I found a bunch of songs I wanted to listen to multiple times over, and that will be a great addition to my iTunes.

Fall In Love is a slower, touching song that begins the lover theme which houses the emotional centre of WWDSOL. A sweet, relatable song perfect for the teenager in me. I found myself lying in bed singing along to the chorus again and again. I’d easily say this is my favourite song off the CD. Come Back and Out Loud are a good pair later in the album that follow up with the lover theme that connects the whole CD.

Invisible is the second single off Nivarel’s CD. Although a little repetitive, it was another catchy song to sing along to. This definitely suits the lead up to summer. I love the message the lyrics carried through the poppy tune. Under My Breath is another fun, fast paced, summer song. The best up-beat song on the album, Under My Breath is a great lead up to the slower songs which follow.

Austin Nivarel has created a CD of good songs for summer and the lover in me. I felt like I went through a relationship while listening to this album. When You Leave is the perfect end to What We Don’t Say Out Loud and left me wanting more. I’m excited to hear what he comes out with in the future.

You can buy his CD “What We Don’t Say Out Loud” on iTunes now! I also interviewed Austin, and you can see that here.

What did you think of his album?