Random Netflix Movie Night #9

Tonight’s film was 2012’s The Watch with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade. They form the Neighbourhood Watch to get away from their daily lives until they stumble upon an alien invasion.


When the trailers for this film first came out I thought it looked awful. There may have been an almost-laugh or two but that was it. The only thing that excited me about this film was Ayoade, as I absolutely love him from The IT Crowd in the UK, as I’m not a big fan of Hill, Stiller, or Vaughn. I can find them funny in some things but I tire of their humour quickly.

This film provided exactly what I was expecting: bad jokes and a weird mixing of comedy stylings. With some aliens added in. And a bit of personal drama. I so rarely watch Vaughn in films that I forgot I can get legitimate laughs from his delivery and lines but that didn’t stop the movie from sucking. I loved Ayoade and was happy he was included more than the trailers showed, especially in the end, but that wasn’t enough for overall enjoyment. More of my laughs came from the absurdity and downright awfulness of the movie that it made it so lame to watch. Even if I turned off my brain I wouldn’t be able to have really enjoy this movie.

I’m trying really hard not to comment on the topic of most of the jokes (let’s swear and make penis/sex jokes about everything) because that’s exactly what this film is… but they were so lame. I know it’s how a lot of American comedies are, but I still hoped for something better. I guess this kind of film also leads to predictability, because that’s exactly what I found. Every ‘twist’ and ‘turn’ that they introduced I had guessed a while ago. Jason (Nicholas Braun, I’m so happy there was an attractive guy in this film) turned out to be an alien? Obviously, how else could he throw Vaugn out the door? One of their own is an alien? I never saw that coming when they said “We can’t trust anyone” but never even contemplated one of their own being untrustable.

Oh well, all in all it was enough to keep me somewhat entertained and provide me with a few humorous moments as I got to watch Ayoade make a try for American audiences.

RT Ratings: critics 16% (top 12%), fans 41%

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10

My Rating: 5/10

You can check out all my ratings on IMDB here. What did you think of The Watch?