Hemlock Grove Season One Premieres on Netflix

I was thinking about how Twin Peaks and The Killing have similar premises, and then I remembered Hemlock Grove came out on Netflix yesterday and it also has a very similar premise. A girl is murdered in a reasonably small town (but large enough to continue incorporating new characters, drama, and intrigue each episode) leading people to go looking for the killer. Twin Peaks had an FBI agent come to help the local police, The Killing used two police detectives, and Hemlock Grove goes for a non-professional approach. Instead of using police as the main people searching for the killer, we find two teenagers are hunting down her killer. Of course, HG also creates more intrigue than the other two. Where they were procedural, this is monstrous. Literally. Everyone harbours a secret in town, but some of them are more deadly and terrifying than first glance may have you believe.

Check back tomorrow for my review of the first episode and possibly more after that! After I’ve seen the full season there will be a season review with predictions for the second season (which is already in the works!)