Interview with Kayla Conn

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Kayla Conn, an up-and-coming country singer from Texas. She recently released her debut EP that you can find on iTunes now. We talk summer camp, juggling high school and music, and celebrity crushes.

Tell us a little about yourself.
Kayla Conn: Well my name is Kayla Conn, I’m 15 years old, I’m a sophomore in high school, and I’m a country musician!

How did you realize music was more than just a hobby?
KC: I think I realized I really wanted to pursue a career in music when I was at a summer camp about two years ago and found that I loved to write music and perform live. Ever since that summer camp I have been writing more and more songs and performing at lots of different places around the country and here in my hometown.

What has been the most exciting think you’ve done so far?
KC: I think the most exciting thing I’ve done so far is release my new EP that came out in April and just being able to watch it be a success is awesome!

What are some of your dreams for your music?
KC: Some of my dreams would definitely be to do a huge world arena tour with a big production, almost like how Taylor Swift does her shows now. I think how Taylor’s imagination has allowed her to have a show that everyone wants to see because it’s just fun. It’s never really just her on stage with her guitar, it’s confetti and fireworks and crazy lights, plus her and I think that’s awesome!

Where would you love to perform one day?
KC: I hope to someday be able to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City! I think if I go big enough, I could play there AND sell it out, and that would be pretty awesome!!

What is your writing process like?
KC: It kind-of whatever hits me first! If I have a line in my head that I think is just awesome then ill put a melody around it, or if I’m just playing guitar and I find a cool melody, then I put lyrics with it.

What song are you most proud of and why?
KC: I’m most proud of Memory for Two because I know that it really hits home for lots of people dealing with family members that are struggling with Alzheimer’s and i think it has the power to touch the hearts of everyone that listens to it, even if they don’t know what Alzheimer’s is!

How do you deal with music on top of school, friends, and other daily aspects of life?
KC: It’s really tough to deal with school and “teen stuff” on top of everything that’s going on with me right now. My teachers have been very supportive of me and understand, so before I leave school I usually just ask for all my makeup work before I leave and take tests when I get back. It’s also definitely cut away from time with friends and family but It’s all worth it in the end.

You’ve met and worked with some big names, what is that like?
KC: It’s really cool and weird at the same time to be opening for some of the people that I’ve opened for. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel real to me!

Speaking of big names, who would you be star struck by?
KC: I think that if I ever had the chance to open up for somebody huge like Carrie Underwood, then I would totally freak out and get star-struck!! 

Who is your celebrity crush?
KC: I really love Adam Levine! I LOVE Maroon 5 and all of their music, and I think an all time favourite from him is “She Will Be Loved” [off the album Songs About Jane]! (:

What tips would you give to those looking to get into the music business?
KC: For anyone looking into getting into the music business, it’s a dog eat dog world, But don’t let any of that keep you from chasing your dreams. There’s been PLENTY of times that I’ve been turned down by people in the music business saying that I’m “not ready” or “too young”, but you just have to keep honing on your skills, and keep trying.

What’s next for you?
KC: Right now since we’ve already released the E.P were just shopping around for a record label and continuing to write good music (:

Do you have any final comments for your fans?
KC: I would like to thank all my fans for helping my album to sell like crazy and telling everyone they know about me and my music. Thanks for believing in me!!! I love you guys!!!


Check out my review of Kayla’s EP tomorrow!

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