Top Fives: Survivor Castaways

With Survivor ending this Sunday I thought it would be a good time to make a few top fives on the series, for full schedule check here. Who are your favourite players?


1. Boston Rob. He is the only person to have participated in four seasons, and he has played the most days in Survivor history (117). In his second season he had an island romance that ended in engagement during the reunion and subsequently a happy marriage and children (the only long-lasting relationship seen during the show). Rob came back in Redemption Island for “one last shot” where he played the game strategically and as dominant in challenges. What makes me love him: his romance with Amber, his strength as well as smarts in challenges (give him a puzzle and he’ll win every time), and his perseverance playing the most seasons and days ever.

2. Russell Hantz. He is one of the most infamous villains of the Survivor series. He has participated in three seasons and has been a dominant villain for two of them. He is ruthless, manipulative, and one of the best strategic players of the game. What makes me love him: he plays the game — it’s really that simple. He knows how to outwit, outlast, and outplay all of his teammates and find hidden immunity idols without clues. He can manipulate those around him in the game to fall exactly into his strategy.


3. Benjamin “Coach” Wade. Also known as the Dragon-Slayer for two seasons, he was one of the main antagonists. He is known for his stories and annoying the tribe. When he returned for a third season he refurbished his look to become the Zen-Slayer and took Cochran under his wing. What makes me love him: it’s almost impossible to describe other than by saying his “Coach-ness,” he was one of the most entertaining castaways to watch and was a great leader of his alliance.

4. Parvati Shallow. Originally from the Cook Islands season, Parvati used her feminine wiles to seduce the boys into keeping her. She was known as a flirt and made it into 6th place. She was brought back as a favourite for the Micronesia season and changed her strategy to being manipulative. She made an alliance with almost everybody and after the merge focused on her all female alliance. This strategy kept her in for the final and allowed for her to win the million. She was brought back once again as a Villain and fought like hell all season to come in second place. What makes me love her: She used everything she had to win and then come back strong and be runner up on her third season. She has played the second most days in Survivor history (114) and the most of any woman on the show.


5. John Cochran. Originally from South Pacific, he gave himself the nickname Cochran and is a self-proclaimed mega-fan. Although in his first season he was weak the current season Caramoan has shown him to be adept at strategizing as well as challenges. What makes me love him: his intense excitement for the game, his smart strategy, and his fantastic commentary.

Honourable Mentions: 

Colby Donaldson. Originally from second season, The Australian Outback, Colby was a fun, stoic castaway who loved to explore and create adventure. He was a powerhouse in challenges even winning the final immunity. What makes me love him: he decided to take Tina to the final who he knew might beat him instead of Keith who he knew he would beat because he wanted to win against someone he valued.

Stephanie LaGrossa. The season where they let one tribe completely eliminate itself, and she was the last person standing. In her first season, Palau, she was seventh, and came back to be runner up in her second season, Guatemala. Why I love her: she is one of the most powerful, strong, independent females of Survivor.

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Who are your all time favourite contestants?