Top Five: Survivor Challenges

For a full schedule of my Survivor posts for this week, click here. Survivor has some of the most interesting challenges for teams and castaways to win rewards and immunity. With the final Wednesday episode of the season on tonight, what better time to recap my favourite challenges in this season of the game?


1. Last Gasp

An endurance challenge requiring castaways to remain as calm as possible. Everyone was in the water under a metal grate that they had to breath through as the water rose with the tide. The last person to remain under their grate was the winner. For a while it didn’t look too challenging, and then the tide started rising and everyone was creating snorkels with their hands to stave off the feeling of drowning. With every new wave, people opted out until it was only Brenda and Andrea. Brenda won her first challenge of the season here.


2. Drop a Log

Castaways had to hold one third of their original body weight in this individual immunity challenge. Every five minutes they had to switch hands down a knot. Cochran’s clever use of his two knot advantage allowed for him to win a strength-endurance challenge: definitely surprising. I love these kind of challenges where it’s all about waiting for someone else to break.


3. Jump Shot

After dividing into two teams of five, castaways would run and jump off a barge tossing a ball into a net behind the goalie. It was an interesting version of a common challenge, and it was interesting to see who would be successful in the upcoming individual immunity challenges.

4. Crate Outdoors

Teams must roll massive crates back to the mat and then assemble them into a massive staircase. It showed the disfunction of Gota and the easy cohesion of Bikal as Bikal quickly powered through the strength challenge and combined their smarts to figure out the stair puzzle.

Kill or be Killed

5. Head and Shoulders

Two members from each tribe are on podiums. The entire team must work together to transfer them from podium to podium before swimming to a small podium that everyone must stand on together, without falling off. It was an interesting challenge that involved strength and strategy, which one team clearly didn’t have. Plus, it involved my favourites of the favourites working well together.

Honourable Mentions on Other Seasons:

Perch from Australia has become a recurring endurance challenge where castaways must stand on a pillar in the water, with Jeff occasionally tempting them down with food.

What are your favourite Survivor challenges from this season and in general?