Top 5’s: Final Survivor Immunity Challenges

Survivor: Caramoan ends this Sunday and with it comes a final challenge much like the ones below. Which are your favourites? Tell me below, but for now these are mine…

1. House of Cards from the Gabon season was a fun challenge watching castaways try to create a stack of tiles that went to the top of the red line. Strategy was necessary to figure out the best way to build a strong stack that wouldn’t fall but that would require a small number of tiles so they could get it tall enough. I love long challenges and this one was definitely long but without the tedium of some of my other favoured endurance challenges.

2. Bob Bob Buoy from the Palau season involved contestants standing on a tiny platform on a buoy in the water. It rocked and rolled with the waves and contestants couldn’t put anything but their feet on the little platform. This challenge was the epitome of endurance challenges for me. It lasted 12 hours and ended in one of the strangest deals in Survivor history (if I jump off now, yes after twelve hours, then you’ll bring the other person with you to the final).

3. Broken China from China. Strategy about how to stack the different sizes of plates and bowls depending on what Jeff decided as well as strength to hold onto the pole and keep it level. The last one with all of their dishes still standing on their platform won final immunity.

4. Hand on a Hard Idol from Borneo. This was the first season of Survivor and with it came the classic final immunity challenge. The final three castaways stand on a pillar, each with a hand on the immunity idol. For as long as possible. Endurance challenges for the final immunity is great, and this classic (with additions in later seasons) is a fantastic one that shows what they are striving for, in that the last to be touching immunity wins immunity.

5. Slip Through Your Fingers from the Thailand season had castaways sit in uncomfortable Thai dance positions with coins between their fingers. The last player with a coin still in between their fingers won. It might not sound all to hard, but when you’re concentrating on staying in an uncomfortable position as well as holding onto a bunch of coins in your fingers it’s more difficult than you think. It was a very different challenge and it’s one that I always remember when I think of the final immunity challenges.

Which are your favourite final immunity challenges?