My Final Thoughts on Survivor Caramoan

It has probably become quite apparent that I am an avid Survivor fan. Now, perhaps I’m not into the show as much as Cochran or as good at figuring out strategy as my father but I still like to plot out who I think will win and how.

This season has been my time to gush over Cochran and lately I have seriously begun to favor Eddie as well. So… how can they win?

In the Jury we have Michael, Phillip, Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, and now Brenda. There will be two more people joining the Jury before the final Tribal votes are cast. Dawn, Eddie, Sherri, Cochran, and Erik are all left on the chopping block.

Although it all depends on who is in the final three and how they do during the discussions that night, Eddie might have a possible four votes “locked in” so far. Michael was on the Gota tribe with Eddie and was included in the minority alliance before he was voted out. No one left other than Eddie liked him as a player, so he could be an Eddie vote. Reynold was locked into a final two plan with Eddie seemingly since day one and they never strayed from each other’s side since the start. I don’t see why Reynold would change that now, although he could go for best strategy throughout the season which might sway his vote. Malcolm was never truly part of the Stealth alliance and had to fight against them to stay, which was done with the Three Amigos alliance he had with Reynold and Eddie. Eddie and Macolm still seem to be great friends so there’s a chance he would vote for Eddie as well. Lastly, Andrea… She was blindsided by everyone in her Stealth alliance with Eddie being the only person who didn’t try to vote her off. They also had an island romance thing going on which might make her want to vote for him. If she has hard feelings toward Stealth it could be a good opening for Eddie. There’s ample opportunity for those four to sway and for others to join the ranks, so it could go either way.

Cochran, on the other hand, was the strategy of Stealth and the ringleader of The Alliance after Phillip’s departure. Although he was the key player behind backstabbing both Andrea and Brenda who are now on the Jury, he could use that to his advantage by saying he was simply good at the game. Strategy and outwitting is what the game is all about, right? I don’t know if he has any sure votes because he’s either backstabbed or not been on the same alliance as everyone on the Jury he could definitely sway people to his side easily.

Who do you think will win Survivor Caramoan?