Survivor: Blood Vs Water Predictions and Reveals

As with every reunion episode of Survivor, Jeff Probst reveals clues about the new season that will air a few months down the line. At the end of Survivor Caramoan Jeff changed it up by revealing the title without telling us anything else.


After blood drops into the water this title card appeared. No images of where the castaways will be sent, no reveal about who the castaways will be, no discussion on twists such as Redemption Island or the like… So what does this next season of Survivor entail?

Initially it made me think of the phrase “blood is thicker than water” when talking about family.

Will castaways be in family pairs? That’s a big twist, but it sounds a little difficult and quite complicated to put into action. Who wins the million? Is it down to a final two and all the other family pairs vote for one of the family members?

Some have suggested it could be a tribe with families and a tribe with friends, but again that sounds a little complicated and a bit cruel. Are they all from the same family? That could destroy families. The friends have chosen to be friends, so that could result in disaster.

My thought was that there will be two tribes, each with a related returning castaway. Perhaps there will be families split up between the two teams as well, but generally I was thinking bringing back Amber & Boston Rob or Brandon and Russell Hantz or something of that nature. Not that I really wanted either pairing on the show again… well, maybe Rob.

But today we found out more. This coming season will feature returning castaways and their family members. That’s definitely an interesting twist, and I’m excited to see how they play with that. Will it be returnees vs family? Or a pairing thing? Playing with the family aspect could be really detrimental to relationships but it’s just a game so hopefully everything goes well.

Survivor: Blood vs Water has started filming in the Philippines and will air starting in September 2013! What do you think the next season of Survivor will feature?