Kayla Conn’s Debut EP is Sweet and Simple


This fifteen year old Texas native recently released her debut EP. She has performed many times, even opening for a comedy show featuring Jeff Foxworthy.

Kayla’s five song EP is sugary sweet and very reminiscent of Taylor Swift. Her songs are simple but fun and a perfect listen for summer. Each song is fun to sing along with at the time without being something to hang on to.

Still Isn’t Over is a relatable track about a breakup when you just don’t want to let go. The melody is lighthearted and fun while the lyrics are catchy. Easily the most emotional track, Memory for Two is heartfelt and immediately brought me back to thoughts of my family. Although more somber than the rest of Kayla’s music it isn’t a departure that changes the sound of the EP.

You can find my interview with Kayla here, and get her album on iTunes!