ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ Was A Hot Mess

To be honest, I don’t know if I can even call this show a hot mess. It was bland, boring, and cold. Everything I didn’t want in a show was in Mistresses. Awful dialogue, poor acting, ridiculous (and embarrassingly bad) moans and sex scenes, and no intriguing drama. ABC made a bad decision to pick up this one.

Mistresses could have been a lot better if it didn’t have such a bad script. Or perhaps if it had better actors. I’m not sure which, but neither was very good. Was it an entirely male writing staff for all of the silly female dialogue? Nothing was relatable. Then, there was the vibes sent off from the four women. Were we supposed to judge the “slutty” (note: promiscuous) woman? Clearly she’s doing the wrong thing, sleeping with a married man for job benefits, but isn’t that the point of the show? Could we feel more sorry for the woman who lost her husband, she does have good things going for her as well. And the psychiatrist… I’m not sure whether to feel sorry for her because the man she loved died, or horrified that she was having an affair with him and then helped him die. The last girl was the worst though. I didn’t haven’t any feelings towards her, merely derision at her fellow employee. Making sexualized comments and offering to do work for seeing her lingerie is called sexual harassment. You’re in a law office, and although I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, why is she hooking up with him at the end of the episode? Very empowering…

Perhaps I’m just not the right person to watch this show. But I happily watch The Bachelorette, and everything in that ‘nation’ which came on right before this premiere so they clearly meant this to be a show that I would enjoy. Unfortunately for them it backfired, because it only made me realize how much better the fake ‘reality’ show was compared to this disaster.

Another problem was their attempt at being risqué. This type of show, just like The Playboy Club by NBC a few seasons ago, requires a certain amount of flirtation with sex that these channels can’t pull off. Even at the 10pm time slot they don’t know how far to go and when to rein it in. A few awkward moans along with glimpses of hands and scrunched up dresses is not the way to go. Amp up the action by focussing the camera without showing too much skin and quiet the porno moans a little, then maybe it’ll be believable.

Each storyline was so incredibly obvious to pick just from this first episode, and I hadn’t even seen the British version. After reading information on the UK original I discovered this US version is practically a carbon copy. I made the following predictions before I read about the UK show, but if you know that one then it’ll sound the exact same. Predictions for this season include the psychiatrist girl having a relationship with this Sam guy (who’s father she was having an affair with and helped his suicide) who discovers her involvement with his father was more than just doctor-patient and he rats her out. The realtor girl gets attached to one of the girls in the lesbian couple who considers leaving that partnership. The woman with the dead hubby discovers he was unfaithful (we already know this from the first episode’s ending), gives some of the insurance money to the woman with his other child, and maybe he ISN’T really dead to spice up this boring drama. The woman with the lingerie I mentioned before? Clearly she’ll be unfaithful to her husband who she’s already on the outs with, due to the failed sperm problem, and will have an affair with the sexual harassment employee, perhaps ending up pregnant by him (they already were hooking up in the first episode).

Let me know if I’m right, because I certainly won’t be watching any more of this show. Let me know, do you think I’m wrong about this show?