‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season Four Starts Off With A…Pig Carcass?

Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars picked up right where season 3 left off.  Who was in the trunk of Wilden’s car? I was ready for something incredibly shocking, not a pig carcass.  Needless to say I was expecting a person but that came later in the episode.  The body appeared once police discovered the detective’s car and marked it as a crime scene.  A white sheet covering the deceased blew off the victim’s face just in time for the girl’s to see that it was none other than Wilden himself, dead. 

The girl’s attend the funeral and wonder who the woman in black is.  She’s wearing a veil and her face is not a single bit visible.  Could it be A?  And even though Wilden is gone a new detective is in town, and he goes by the name of Holbrook.  I know I and every other girl was happy to see Sean Farris play this role.   Even more important than that is the fact that Hanna’s mom’s cell phone was in the casket with Wilden’s body.  Was she involved in the murder or has A set her up?  She’s acting suspicious but I’m not convinced.  Nothing is as it seems in Rosewood.

Hanna receives a parrot from Mrs. Delaurentis that once belonged to Ali when she stayed in Cape May. This bird talks and talks and boy does it know a lot.  It repeat’s a song that Spencer figures to be a phone number.  The girl’s try calling it but there is no answer.  Who’s on the other end of the line?  I’m guessing it’s Ali’s mystery boy that was with her at her grandma’s beach house all summer.  Before Spencer and the girls can listen to the parrot again it disappears.  At the very end of episode 2 we see that it is now in the possession of A, of course.  

Now for a little romance update.  Spencer and Toby are together again, my favorite couple on the show.  Despite Toby moving the RV you can’t help but love him.  Everything he does is with good intentions.   Aria and Ezra are over, he was offered a teaching position and Aria told him they should see other people to protect him.  We all knew the teacher/student relationship wold have a fall out.  But will they fall back in?  Aria has taken up defense classes and is getting closer with her instructor, Jake, after kissing him during a lesson.  I feel a new Aria showmance coming! Meanwhile Hanna is still with the adorable Caleb, who has yet to make an appearance this season.  He’s got to come back sometime soon, I miss him!  And Hanna definitely needs him right now since her mom is on A’s radar.  Emily and Paige are in love and wanting to go to school together and be roommates.  Emily thinks this life with Paige away from the drama will be great but does she really think she can escape A?  It doesn’t seem possible at this point.

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