Ramifications of a Particular Crash – Play Review

Last week I saw Ramifications of a Particular Crash at GO Studios in Vancouver. Ramifications is written by Kris Elgstrand and it was really enjoyable. A suburban family is thrown into turmoil when a young Hollywood star, Aimee Scott, pays a surprise visit to their home three years after killing their daughter in a car crash.

I loved the way we gained bits of information throughout the family spats, and the easy progression of events made sense without being too predictable. The way this family had fallen apart since the crash was shocking but plausible and I enjoyed being able to get each of their points of view without requiring to be told directly. The standout performance was Lori Triolo as the crazed mother Joyce. As a woman who lost her daughter and then finds the woman she calls the murderer in her house, she’s allowed a little crazy and Lori pulls it off wonderfully. It can be difficult to be a jittery, outrageously angry, and insanely calm character all at once but Lori never faltered in her portrayal of Joyce. I would come back to see the play again just for her.

Unfortunately, there were a few moments where the scenes dragged along as they argued. Although people do repeat things when they’re angry, when that happens five or six times in a two minute scene it can become a little dull. Luckily, that didn’t happen too often. My main concern was with the amount of swearing. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with that type of language, but when most sentences contain swearing of some sort it takes away from when they are really angry. 

Although the play is now finished it’s run, follow the writer on Twitter @leg_stand and check out my interview with him tomorrow!

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