Masking the Truth in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 4.03

In last Tuesday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars we saw a few of our favorite characters again, as well as a lost one. Ella made an appearance with her boyfriend and is planning to move to Austria for a few months.  Aria doesn’t want to be without her but she tells her to go and follow her passion anyway.  Caleb is back in town, yay!  He found his dad and patched things up so now he’s back into his key role of supporting Hanna.  Melissa is also back in Rosewood… but did she really leave?  Something about her really gets under my skin, definitly not someone to be trusted.  Then there’s the big question: where is Mona?   She wasn’t in the episode at all and the girl’s mentioned that she hadn’t been around lately.  Up to no good?  Working with A again?  You never know with that girl. 
The main event of the episode involved the mystery of the masks.  The girl’s aquired a box of Ali’s things to go through.  Amongst those possessions they found a mask with an address stamp on the back.  Naturally the girl’s went and investigated, coming across the creepy mask maker. He said he would tell them what he knew as long as Emily let him take a mold of her face.  She agreed but alas, they learned no valuable information. Hanna snuck away and found a molding of Melissa’s face, did she go before Ali or after… maybe they went together?  Emily said it must feel like getting burried alive.  Yet to be revealed is what the masks of Ali’s face were used for.  She said she needed them so her friend’s could look like her while having the molding smashed after the masks were completed.  Which friends were these?  Definitely not Aria, Hanna, and Spencer.
Speaking of Spencer, she missed the whole mask ordeal.  She was busy helping Toby find out what happened to his mom.  They went back to Radley and did some digging because it’s not likely she jumped from the window like in the reports.  But who would kill her?  I can’t wait to see how her death ties into A’s devious plan because right now I’m not getting the connection.  
Another new plot A has made is against Emily and her family.  Child Services was contacted about Emily’s injurded shoulder and an incident at school where her mom grabbed her arm a little to firmly.  We know Emily and her mom are fine but A has set it up to look very different.  It doesn’t help matters when Emily also “borrowed” her mother’s pills. Her dad is coming home and hopefully, as a family, they can prove they are stable. 
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