‘Saving Hope’ 2×02 Alex Hurts Some “Little Piggies”

After last week’s dramatic episode, this one starts off much more relaxed. Dawn is back at Hope Zion for good and she’s causing drama as Charlie continues to work through his issues of seeing the unconscious and Joel deals with a mysterious illness.

With Dawn back at Hope Z she’s the main heart doc and begins the episode by teaching Tom Reycraft, Maggie, and Alex about a difficult valve replacement heart surgery. Alex doesn’t know all the answers Dawn tests them on which starts the disagreement between the two. They practice this surgery technique on pigs and Alex induces a heart attack in the pig, killing it. Definitely not the ideal start to the week. Later, Alex’s patient Sam has a cancerous tumor on his colon and has a heart attack. Dawn scoops up the patient as he needs the valve replacement before they get rid of the tumor. When Alex discovers the tumor problems have increased, meaning they urgently need both surgeries, Dawn and Alex are up in Joel’s Chief of Surgery office asking for his advice on who operates first. Joel suggests they do both but with Dawn refusing to be in the same OR as Alex that’s a little tricky. Dawn says there’s nothing personal in her dislike of Alex, merely professional problems, but with Dawn obviously still liking Charlie that’s hard to believe. Alex does need to get back into her stride of being a great surgeon again, as there were a few mishaps during the episode.

Alex decides she wants to assist on the valve replacement to learn how to do it right and after some persuading she gets to. After completing the valve replacement surgery he’s crashing because of his colon which Alex and Dawn are able to fix together. It’s a nice learning moment for Dawn as she realizes that Alex was right. But it wouldn’t be Hope Z without some drama mixed in! Dawn tried to pull the plug on Charlie last season and Alex can’t get over it, but Dawn doesn’t like that Charlie left her for Alex. Is that really what all of this drama has been about? Probably not, but those problems definitely aren’t going away anytime soon, especially when Dawn ignored Alex’s question of whether she was still in love with Charlie.

Charlie is instructing some younger surgeons when he hears someone singing. It turns out to be a coma patient with a wife by his side who wants to take him off life support. Charlie realizes he needs to find out if the man wants to be taken off ALS before helping him or the wife. Of course, the patient only sings Broadway, but Charlie is finally able to figure out the patient is singing about wanting to stay alive so he confronts the wife. During surgery he accidentally drops a screw which brings the patient back to consciousness. Now, not only is Charlie a great doctor but he’s also a miracle worker? Yeah, okay.

Joel has a young female patient in the ER with a lump that needs a biopsy. After getting an inconclusive result he discovers a second lump as she’s finding it hard to breath. After asking Charlie’s opinion, he plans to remove the lumps but he has a lightbulb moment upon seeing her feet. After injuring herself she gets these lumps and massive pain but had never told her parents until this most recent occurrence. She has FOB, meaning her body ossifies (basically creating a second skeleton) when she gets a major trauma like a big fall. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do about it but be careful. It’s one of the few cases that doesn’t have a happy ending, and although there always have to be a few upsetting and bittersweet cases, it’s still disappointing.

Other drama of the episode included Joel and Charlie starting their stand off of the season. All during Charlie’s coma Joel had been trying to edge in on Alex which, unbeknownst to Joel, Charlie witnessed and didn’t take kindly to. As Charlie is helping with Joel’s medical problem he mentions that the reason he had to return was because someone was chasing after his girl. The statement didn’t even need any clarification, but it’ll definitely make it awkward when they pass each other in the hallways. Later Alex seems to know Charlie isn’t fond of Joel because she makes a point of saying they should forget about Dawn and Joel and just focus on their happiness. The Joel and Dawn drama can’t be over yet… Jealousy is always a popular topic on dramas.

Next week it looks like Charlie might be trying to tell Alex about the new things he can see since his coma. Of course he could be telling her something about him and Dawn, because that would keep the Dawn and Joel drama going, as the writers probably want.

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