East Of Main Cafe’s Monday Night Live Talks Learning Moments

This past Monday the East Of Main Cafe hosted the next installment of their Monday Night Live feature for Project Limelight. Their three panelists of the week were casting director Candice Elzinga, TV producer/writer Gillian Horvath, and TV actor/director Peter DeLuise.

The topic for the panelists to reflect on this week were their learning moments. With so many people aspiring to get into the film business at this event, it was an ideal topic. Candice started things off with a story about her first role, as a tree in an elementary school production. She learned how rewarding getting laughs could be, and how to get her husband to buy her a second dress for the Emmys. Gillian and Peter continued with the light-hearted stories but brought it back to relate more to their work. We were given lessons on disaster and time crunches, losing jobs and gaining experience.

A fun night of drinks, delicious food, laughter, and networking, this was a great event in an intimate café. With so many aspiring actors, writers, and directors in one room together creativity abounds with opportunity all over the place. After each panelist gets their initial story time there’s a break to chat with them and get insight on the industry. 

The next Monday Night Live event is on July 8 at the East of Main Cafe in Chinatown Vancouver. So far, it’s been announced that actor/writer/producer John Cassini, actor Ian Tracey, and writer/producer/director Chris Haddock will be panelists with Brian Markinson as the moderator. The event starts at 7, but they fill up quick so make sure to get there early! For more information, check out their FB event page!

Our new writer Chris will be going to MNL some weeks to review the event, so follow @TheReviewWeekly to find out when he’ll be there and to get extra tidbits from the events!