“Pretty Little Liars” 4.04 Saves Face

Last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars showed Emily having more family problems, Hanna getting closer with the detectives, Aria hitting a relationship speed bump, and Spencer keeping an eye on her sister.

Emily and her parents keep clashing when it comes to her personal life because she can’t tell them about A leaving her caught in a web of lies. First her shoulder and then the pills. Now that her dad’s home things have become heated as he and Emily’s mom try to find out the truth. Emily can’t handle the questions and does not want to discuss the matter so she runs out of the house. Although A hasn’t intervened yet, I’m sure that will come back to haunt her.

Hanna is worried about her mom now that she’s admitted she was in Rosewood the night of Detective Wilden’s murder. I’m still not sure whether she is innocent or not… it’s so hard to tell with her. Caleb is trying to help by preparing Hanna for what might happen but she doesn’t want to hear it. A new problem is in town and she goes by the name of Lt. Tanner. Both her and Detective Holbrook show up at Hanna’s mom’s work to look into Wilden’s safety deposit box. Hanna cozy’s up to Lt. Tanner afterwards and starts saying how she wouldn’t trust a guy like Wilden in attempts to shift the focus away from her mother.

Aria is still pursuing a relationship with Jake but things get complicated when she runs into Malcolm while they’re out together. Thank goodness Ezra didn’t come outside as well or poor Aria would have been even more heartbroken! When young Malcolm asked “why don’t you come over anymore?” my heart sank. Little kids, they just get to me. Aria then had to explain the situation to Jake and he seemed okay with it but he asked her if she really wanted to be with a guy who can kiss her no problem after hearing a story like that. She asked if she could call him and he said yes. They clearly like each other but I’m really not sure how this relationship will pan out. Aria is trying but seems to be holding back.

Lately, Spencer has had to worry about Toby and Melissa. Toby went to talk to the doctor who examined his mother before her suicide and unfortunately, the doctor is now mentally ill as well. It’s a lost cause but I just wanted to hug Toby when the doctor asked him to bring his mother, forgetting she’d committed suicide. In the end, the doctor warned Toby and his mum to stay away from the blonde. Could that be Allison? I’m sure Spencer will help even though she’s busy with her sister. Aria and Spencer put the mask of Melissa’s face in her bag so she’d find it and they could follow her. She ends up going back to the creepy mask guy’s place, coming out with a bag full of her mouldings. One by one she smashes them on the dock and throws them in the water. When Spencer confronts her Melissa tells her about Wilden starting the cottage fire, someone telling him what to do, and her only listening to him because he scared her. Melissa claims that she’s been protecting Spencer from the start and you know what? I believe her. While Spencer chats up Melissa, Aria manages to find a bunch of Allison masks. The episode ends with “A” and the black gloves putting together the broken pieces of Melissa’s mask. I have a feeling that there is a bigger secret behind all these faces.

Watch Pretty Little Liars tonight at 8/9 on ABC Family and find out what happens next in Rosewood.

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