Saving Hope 2×05; “The Face of the Giant Panda” Saves a Prisoner from Jail

Photo Courtesy of CTV

Photo Courtesy of CTV

Last week at Hope Zion two new relationships formed as the doctors encountered people from their past. Great Randall from last season came to the hospital to provide a daunting view of what Charlie’s life might look like in the future, giving him reason not to tell anyone about the ghosts. Zack and Melanda are seen making out in an elevator after a trying day with Zack’s ex-wife and new husband, and Joel goes to a work function with ex-patient Sonya where they’re seen kissing as well.

A prisoner comes into Hope-Z with a pulmonary embolism and a crazy temper. Alex kicks out everyone so she can make the patient more comfortable but gets strangled and bitten before a cop tasers her. After a miscarriage Alex takes her off all of the meds she was put on in jail with Gavin’s help to figure out the cause of her problems. Later, the girl is friendly and polite and allows Alex to view her files where they realize she’ll be brought to maximum security because of her attack on Alex. The patient has a seizure which brings in Shahir who realizes she has Wilson’s disease which effects decision-making. Now that they know why she has been causing problems in jail they enlist a lawyer to make a case for her to finish her time in minimum security before helping her deal with her condition.

Photo Courtesy of CTV

Photo Courtesy of CTV

Charlie goes to the morgue with Maggie to harvest bones from a deceased man until he realizes it’s her father. No one had clued in that it was Maggie’s world-renowned doctor father so she had yet to be informed until Charlie sent Gavin to do it. Although she doesn’t cry she rushes off and decides to help Charlie with the harvest anyway, because this is the only thing she can do for her father. I’m happy she did cry at the end after they’d finished as she needed to let out some emotion sometime in this show.

Joel took Dana out for lunch and introduced her to a Malian man with facial paralysis. She’s upset that he tried to con her into performing a surgery to help the man, but it’s obvious she will do it sooner or later. That would be a really depressing storyline if she turned into an awful person that way. The man tells Dana his story and she goes to Joel with a plan for surgery for him. Until he mentions that Dr Storms can do the procedure she’s adamant about not helping, but suddenly they’re in the OR and they’ve fixed this man’s face. She doesn’t want to go back to Hope-Z but she realizes she doesn’t want to just do nose jobs and Botox injections somewhere and she later shows up at Hope-Z once again.

Lastly, Alex has been getting calls all episode from some angry, impatient man. She goes off to collect him from somewhere and it turns out it’s her potentially deadbeat brother. I like that we’re getting this outside of the hospital drama as well, but it feels a bit out-of-place. We so rarely see them out of their scrubs, and when they do they’re still with other Hope-Z employees and it’s just strange to suddenly see a new character. I just don’t know where this arc is headed.

The next episode of Saving Hope, “All Things Must Pass,” features Alex trying to find out why a fireman died at a Hope Zion fundraiser and Joel trying to juggle his commitments to the hospital and Sonya as Charlie and Zack deal with an aspiring nun who has a potentially fatal allergy.

Saving Hope airs Tuesday’s on CTV at 10/9C!


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