Watching ‘The Bachelorette’ Men Tell All at The Pint Was a Bad Idea


I was invited to The Pint’s Monday Ladies Night hosted by Holly Conway from The Beat radio last week to watch the Men Tell All and meet Sean Lowe, the most recent Bachelor and his fiancé, Catherine.

After having to switch tables three times due to the event organizer giving other people my table right in front of me and waiting forever for our drinks, the show got started. The event plan was to watch the show, do trivia during the breaks, and meet Sean Lowe afterward. Unfortunately, no one really stuck to it.

Normally I would go into all the Ben and James drama, but they merely rehashed what we saw all season. That is until Desiree showed up and called James out for manipulating her. That was so much more direct than I’ve seen most bachelorettes be, which was impressive. She also said she was starting to see through Ben’s perfect routine in his final episodes, but I don’t know when that happened as we never got to see it. I definitely think the editors for the past few seasons have been doing a poor job. Unfortunately, anything else about these guy’s drama is too much as they muted the show for their trivia games. Much of the trivia was focused around Sean Lowe’s personal life, such as his dog’s names, rather than seasons of the popular TV show we were all here to watch. Not that we don’t love Sean Lowe, but we didn’t want to miss out on the episode for bad trivia when we weren’t even being picked to answer questions.

The one part of the episode I absolutely loved, along with everyone else, was Juan Pablo’s stint in the hot seat. Now that was good use of the hot seat! I don’t know if he can be any more fantastic, but maybe we’ll see if he becomes the next Bachelor… Hint Hint!

Speaking of the bachelor, when Sean Lowe finally did come out they announced only those who won during trivia would get to meet him, and everyone else would have to wait at least an extra hour before getting a photo with him. All in all, I would have rather sat at home with some girls to watch the drama of the episode unfold.

The next episode of The Bachelorette is on tonight at 8/9C on ABC! I’ll be live tweeting through @reviewsbylauren and @TheReviewWeekly!