‘The Bachelorette’ Brings Tears and a Surprising Goodbye on Fantasy Suite Week


Desiree is in the beautiful island of Antigua with Drew, Brooks, and Chris. During the intros Des describes Chris as perfect and romantic, Drew as serious and caring, and Brooks as the one she’s in love with. It would be tough to explain why she chose Chris or Drew with all of her remarks towards Brooks being shown.

Drew’s date is up first and they go explore the Caribbean island. As seems to be expected for all island episodes, there’s a big festival street party. Drew cheats at limbo before they sit for a picnic and then head to the fantasy suite. They didn’t even get to dinner before she popped the FS question because they were rained out. It’s almost like they planned the rain… Although they get a lot of steamy make out scenes, what we see of their fantasy suite is a lot of serious conversation. They head into the bedroom for dessert and his announcement that he wants to propose as they force the cameras to leave them to their sexy times.

Before Chris’ date we get a Brooks moment as he gets concerned about the overnight date. Will he tell her he loves her, or that he doesn’t? This is definitely the weirdest start of a date as he goes back to his hometown to discuss his feelings first. I don’t see why he’s going through with this if he feels so unprepared to propose or even tell her he loves her.

image-5Chris’ date with Des shows them the island from the back of a helicopter. It’s some of the most beautiful views in the world and they land on a small island for a private picnic and beach day. Why aren’t they wearing sunglasses? It would be much better than seeing them squint all the time. They end up lying on the beach, making out, and having a really fun day. I like that Des comments on how hot each of her men are, because it’s definitely something they’d be thinking even if they don’t want to say it and seem shallow. They start to talk about the future and Chris talks about how he wants to stay in Seattle. Luckily for him, Desiree isn’t scared of the prospects of moving for him. The smile he has when she says she’s willing to move says it all, wow how can you not be Team Chris? Their fantasy suite time starts off with another poem before they get to a hot tub in their cabana.

desiree-hartstock-320Chris Harrison shows up to chat with Brooks about his decision not to propose. Chris turns on Dr Phil mode and walks Brooks through his decision to leave. It’s definitely dramatic when one of the final three needs to break up with the bachelorette. Even worse is getting to see her journal of how much she’s in love with him and proposals before he shows up. She immediately realizes something is wrong as he brings her off to lay out that he’s not in love with her. Nothing about this is fun. Watching her get her heart broken and reveal that she’s been in love with him but couldn’t say it until now is unbearable. He keeps trying to comfort her and say something to make her feel better but I can’t handle it. Brooks needs to just leave so she can go somewhere and cry on her own. Preferably without cameras. After they leave each other, both Brooks and Des are seen curled up and crying.

Did Brooks just make the worst mistake of his life? Would Des even take him back if he realized his mistake? What will come of Des’ relationships with Drew and Chris? In the previews and final journal entry, Des announces that it’s over and she just wants to go home. How did such a beautiful place turn so ugly in a matter of minutes?

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