Season 9 of ‘The Bachelorette’ Ends With (Surprise) A Proposal


Last week’s episode didn’t end with the normal rose ceremony, but instead with Des’ frontrunner Brooks leaving early because he didn’t love her back. With the bachelorette’s confessions of love gone to a man who doesn’t want them and two men vying for her love, we start off with Chris Harrison in front of a live audience to watch everything unfold in beautiful Antigua.

Chris Harrison and Des sit down to chat about her heartbreak. I like how caring Harrison always is with everyone, especially while they’re crying. No matter how upset she is, she still wants to continue on this journey to find love. All the sudden drama created with Brook’s leaving seems to have dissipated if she continues on with the journey, but will the other men be able to handle feeling like second fiddle to Brooks?

The rose ceremony we missed last week comes up now with only Chris and Drew standing there. They must know something has gone terribly wrong for Desiree, and when she comes out she breaks down explaining that Brooks left. When she gives them their roses she asks to make sure they won’t up and leave on her. I noticed a lot more camera time on Chris’ reactions compared to Drew, and Des definitely gave Chris the longer hug afterward. Does that mean anything, or am I just too Team Chris to notice Drew’s shots?

article-2381150-1B0F00C2000005DC-42_634x355Desiree meets up with Drew for their date first, hopeful that there may be sparks. They explore on horses for a bit but she immediately realizes that she isn’t in love with him. It’s good she’s figured this out, but it’s just that much more awful when he makes a toast to how madly in love with Des he is. As she emotionally tells him he’s not the one for her he looks so shocked. I’m just happy I didn’t see my perfect Ken doll cry, that would have been really devastating.

With Desiree easily sending Drew home after the Brooks fiasco, does that mean Chris will also be sent home? With an hour left in the show I doubt it, but you never know with The Bachelorette. Luckily that isn’t the case, as Des is immediately all smiles, kisses, and chatter with Chris. They have some serious conversations about love, but they’re able to break it up with goofy moments and Des seems more herself then she has all season. Back at Chris’ place for dinner they have an extremely long toast before more serious but fun talk. At the end of the night he gives her this wonderful journal with a note from him and a quote from someone else at the front, and all the poems he’d written her throughout the show at the back. It’s an incredibly sweet gesture and even more so with him being the only guy there.

The next day, Chris and Desiree go off for the awkward family meeting. Remember Des’ brother Nate, who caused all the drama last season with Sean? Well, he’s back and as feisty as ever. He immediately lays on the hard questions for Chris but he leaves unscathed. In fact, Chris is able to get Desiree’s father’s blessing and Nate’s approval. When Des and Nate go chat after the family meeting she is presented with the biggest question of all, is she able to give her heart to Chris after being so broken up about Brooks leaving just days before?

chris-desiree-hartsock-kiss-inlineThe most important day of the season is upon us. As Chris heads off to Neil Lang to choose one of the gorgeous engagement rings Desiree selected, Des dresses in a stunning peach gown and goes down to meet with Chris Harrison. She’s lead to a spectacular spot overlooking the windy Antiguan water. From the way she’s been speaking it’s obvious she’ll accept Chris’ proposal, but with her plans to tell him about Brooks will he still want her? When Chris arrives he starts with his romantic speech and just as he’s about to get down on one knee Desiree stops him. Desiree tells him about how Brooks stopped her from seeing that what she wanted was right in front of her, finally saying that she is in love with Chris before allowing him onto one knee. After accepting the proposal they sip champagne and we cut back to the live audience and Chris Harrison.

With Desiree and Chris’s engagement, After the Final Rose begins. Des immediately comes out to chat with Chris Harrison about how happy she is before Brooks comes out to add some weird vibes. Right away Brooks notices her ring but it isn’t until the end that he finds out who proposed. My favourite moment was when she began to tell him by saying “once you left, it was great,” definitely a good start! Next, Drew showed up to congratulate her and tell everyone that he’s not still in love with Des and ask her when she knew it wasn’t working with him. It’s obvious he’s still hurting as his voice wavers and his eyes are full of unshed tears. It’s always so upsetting to watch the heartbroken.

The moment everyone loves of ATFL arrives when Chris comes out on stage to rejoin his fiancé and rewatch their proposal. Clearly the Brooks drama was a blip on the radar for them without affecting their love which is good. Although there was no talk of a wedding, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have other exciting news: Desiree is leaving LA and moving up to Seattle to be with Chris! Lastly, we learned that the next bachelor will be Juan Pablo, the sexy Venezuelan from this season. Although he didn’t have much air time, that doesn’t mean audiences didn’t take to him, he was by far the most loved cast off and had all the girls screaming. I can’t help but wonder if he’ll become a different person when he gets his own show with twenty five women fawning over him. He already seemed a bit cocky during his introduction, but if the only point is to watch a sexy man then that’s okay with me.

The Bachelor starts up in January so until next time, thanks for joining me watch the drama unfold! Follow @TheReviewWeekly to find out new information on the shows and bands we cover!

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