Survivor 27.02 Colton Starts Backstabbing in ‘Rule in Chaos’


Everyone shows up at Redemption Island to watch the duel truel between Rupert, Candace, and Marissa. The challenge is one from season’s past with a wire frame that they must navigate wooden spools through with a long pole. They have to balance 10 wooden spools on top of this wire frame that is easily jostled. The first to finish gets to give anyone they want a clue for the hidden immunity idol and the last to finish gets sent home. Unfortunately, this isn’t the type of challenge for Rupert who ends up knocking over eight spools and can’t catch up to Candace and Marissa in time. Candace finished first and, unsurprisingly, gives the clue to her husband John.

Over at Galang, Colton is frustrated by the happy, peaceful tribe of past players. Instead of going off and doing his own thing he decides to start telling everyone different lies to get everyone strategizing. I don’t know why he wanted everything to get strategic so early on, isn’t it better if you go into the merge strong and happy? It all backfires for him though, as he becomes a bully to Kat in front of everyone one night showing that he’s still a backstabber.

Tadhana gets straight into the strategy as well. Rachel knows the guys are the strong ones so she starts up a friendship with John to keep her in the game. The guys start thinking about who they should vote out based on who is strong on the other tribe that might swap places in Redemption Island. In the end, they decide they want to send Rachel home so Tyson can take her place.

survThree members from each tribe roll a barrel containing another teammate who must get out four times to untie knots. The other four tribe members will through balls from the untied bags into a skeeball structure. Katie is first out of the barrel for Tadhana but Laura unties the knots faster for Galang putting them into the lead for a while. Although Hayden gets the first few balls into the structure, Gervase ends up winning it for Galang. Along with immunity, they also get a fishing package.

At tribal council, Jeff Probst continually calls out Hayden for opinions. I’m not sure if he’s doing that because he knows Hayden will be popular with the fans from Big Brother, or if he actually wants his opinion. Or perhaps he’s the only person that sounds relatively intelligent. The votes ended up getting split 1 for Ciera, 2 for John, and 5 for Rachel.

On the next episode, Tyson considers swapping with Rachel in Redemption Island and Colton cuddles with his fiancé as he cries and thinks about quitting the game. Oh please quit! Please, please, pretty please!

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