Survivor 27 Brad’s Strategy “Opens Pandora’s Box”

survivorbvsw0213Last week, Colton’s plan to disturb the peace backfired and the loved ones voted out Rachel hoping Tyson would take her place.

At Redemption Island, Rachel calls Brad out for chucking her because they wanted Tyson to take her spot. Although Tyson considers swapping with her she convinces him not to, because she can hold her own in the challenge. Before it starts, Colton starts crying and goes to sit on his fiancé’s lap before quitting. Jeff Probst is utterly disgusted with Colton, because both times he had been on the show he ended up quitting. I don’t understand why Caleb is dating him, he definitely deserves better.

Opening Pandora’s BoxThe challenge at Redemption Island is the Domino Effect. Each person must stack dominos without wobbling the line and have anything fall. Ultimately, they need the dominos to fall in order to trip a ball and break a tile. With a big lead Candice wins her second redemption challenge, giving another clue to her husband John. Marissa and Rachel battle it out for a while longer having both tried multiple times without the dominos making it the entire way. Rachel and Marissa are both about to try again when Rachel’s pile breaks down and Marissa stays in RI.

When everyone is back at their camps, Brad and John go off to look for the idol but it’s a test of the alliance as John doesn’t want anyone else to know what the clue said. Why did John even tell Brad if he’s going to be shady about it later? Seeing as everyone knows he has the clue anyway, I don’t see the point in not telling everyone.

Pushing, shoving, thrashing, bashing … knock your loved ones in the drink. Sumo at Sea is such a fun challenge! Tribe members use padded duffle bags to knock over their opponents into the ocean. Both Aras and Vytas are excited to fight each other, and I’m excited for the possibilities of the challenge. The first team to win five battles wins immunity and a comfort package (which Tadhana can trade for fishing supplies). John and Aras have an intense matchup with John coming off as the victor, but when Aras goes against Vytas later he’s able to pull of the win. Jeff talks with them first and you can definitely tell there’s some anger there, but even when Vytas has some unsportsmanlike behaviour during their duel Aras is still able to win. Seeing as Aras is one of my favourites I’m definitely happy with how that went. Ciera and Kat have an awful matchup as Ciera gets knocked off with only one or two hits. Hayden and Tyson are also quick, but that’s because Tyson’s shoulder is almost dislocated. Tina wins against her daughter Katie, and Laura beats her daughter Ciera to win the challenge for Galang.

At camp, Brad and John start discussing which of the women to send home this week. Ciera is the first one they think of, but when John leaves to look for the idol Brad tells everyone to vote out John instead, because he’s tied to Candice rather than his male alliance. That’ll definitely be a blindside, but even better is when Hayden starts considering sending home Brad instead, because he thinks he’s their leader. At Tribal Council, Jeff initially focuses on the two girls before moving on to John’s idol clues. Brad’s comment about only one person being able to win should definitely put a spotlight on him, it’s too early in the game to start saying things like that. In the end, the votes go 6-1 for John who is sent to Redemption Island with his wife and Marissa.

I’m definitely interested to see how the RI challenge will go next week, with John having to compete against his wife to win. How do you think John will play the RI challenge? Answer in the poll below!

Next week, Brad thinks he’s in control but everyone else has

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