Survivor 27: “One Armed Dude and Three Moms”

Last week, Tyson injured his shoulder, Colton quit the game, and John was sent to Redemption Island.

One Armed Dude and Three Moms

John, Candice, and Marissa will manoeuvre a key along a ladder bridge to unlock a puzzle bag and complete a 3D puzzle. It’s the first week that Candice isn’t ahead of her competitors the entire time. In fact, John flies ahead during the puzzle phase to win it. Candice was calm and collected the entire time, methodically putting the puzzle together as Marissa started to stress and fall behind allowing for Candice to come second. With John’s loved one at Redemption with him, he gave the idol clue to Monica hoping it would cause complications at camp, but she ended up burning it instead. I guess that’s an easy way to get rid of that issue…

It’s really sweet to see Candice and John getting a nice vacation, though. Will there be a Survivor baby? …do the producers provide condoms?

The immunity challenge is up, and it’s the first week we don’t see tree mail at all, I actually miss it. The tribes paddle out to a series of crates they must add to their boat before paddling back and making a staircase to complete a puzzle, choose the right key, and unlock their flag. The winning tribe gets immunity and supplies for tea and coffee. That’s a bit superfluous, isn’t it? Tyson may have his arm in a sling, but he still chooses to compete in the challenge as two girls sit out. Tadhana gets a good start in the water but as two of their crates fall back, Galang is able to catch up by the puzzle phase where Tyson and Laura M pull in another win for Galang. At least these challenges are reasonably close so it isn’t boring to watch.

Back at camp, Caleb starts realizing he might be in trouble because Colton quit on him and he doesn’t have the extra member for the merge, which is smart because Brad starts putting feelers out to the two remaining women. At Tribal, it seems like Jeff is trying to direct the discussion to Brad’s faults, and it seems to work. Caleb reveals he’ll be voting for Brad because he doesn’t want to be blindsided, and although it initially goes to a tie, Vytas caves and votes against Brad as with Caleb and the girls.

Next week, Caleb starts feeling like big and powerful and Monica wants to take Brad’s place.