Interview with our Band of the Month, The Paper Kites

Paper Kites albumThe Paper Kites are an awesome indie band from Melbourne, Australia. We recently got to ask Sam Rasmussen a few questions. We talked about band rituals, influences, and how they came up with the idea for their St Clarity music video.

The Review Weekly: For North American audiences that will be getting to know you with your States tour this months, tell us about yourselves. Were you all friends before the band?
Sam Rasmussen: Yeh we were. It all kind of fell together a few years ago. Sam [Bentley] and Christina [Lacy] originally played together at weddings and cafes, and after a while recruited Josh [Bentley] (Sam’s cousin) and I to fill things out a little. After getting into a little festival we pulled in Dave [Powys] too and it all kinda started from there.

TRW: Where did the name for your band come from?
SR: It doesn’t have any significant meaning. We just needed a band name and I think Sam came up with it. I suppose it kind of represents the sort of music we set out to make. Free flowing and natural.

TRW: What are some things you’re most excited about for your upcoming tour?
SR: None of us have really spent much time in North America so just traveling around and seeing the place is exciting in itself! We have had overwhelming support online over the last few years from the region so an opportunity to play for and meet our loyal supporters is really significant for us. We want to be really intentional about getting to know the people that come along to our shows.

TRW: What is your most memorable tour moment?
SR: There are a lot! It’s hard to pick out a favourite to be honest. We did play a huge sold out show in our home town of Melbourne on my birthday last year which was pretty special. And I think we will be somewhere in Canada on the same date this year!

TRW: Do you have any band rituals before a performance?
SR: There is a song. It’s pretty silly. I’m not going to expand!

TRW: If you could perform in any venue with anyone, who and where would you choose?
SR: Well let’s be honest. Club Nokia in LA with City & Colour is hard to beat! Did I mention we are really excited about that tour??

TRW: Your first full length, States, releases soon. How do you think your music has changed since you started working together?
SR: Well it’s definitely changed. I think as we have grown and matured, our music has naturally followed. When the band started, we were just a bunch of friends jamming in Sam’s parents lounge room. Fast forward 3 years to states which was recorded in an amazing studio, after months of rehearsing and years of touring. You would hope we have developed and grown a little!

TRW: What are some of your biggest influences?
SR: Ryan Adams, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac.

TRW: What songs off your new album are you most excited about?
SR: I’m a really big fan of a few songs that Christina sings. Especially a tune called Cold Kind Hand.

TRW: You recently released the music video for St Clarity, the first single off your album, how did you come up with the idea for that?
SR: Sam found the bubble artist [French artist Sylvain Letuvée] on YouTube and after working closely with Natasha Pincus (our director) they came up with the concept of the clip.

For more information on The Paper Kite’s North American tour dates, check their site here. They will perform at Lucky Bar in Victoria, Canada on October 23. You can find tickets here. Check back later this month for an album review and show photos!

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