Survivor 27: Blindsides and Tribe Switches


Previously, Tyson and Gervase have been having extra coconuts to keep up their strength and Tadhana won their first challenge. At tribal council Laura M was voted out of Galang, joining John and Brad at Redemption Island.

This week’s Redemption Island challenge is to race across a balance beam, collecting numbered tiles and putting them in order, 1 to 100. I come to expect so little from Survivor challenges… Putting numbers in order? Really? Laura gets off to a fast start and quickly wins without much hardship, because it shouldn’t be hard. John has a few fumbles on the beam as Brad picks up pace in the numbers but in the end John is still able to make it to 100 first. Instead of giving the idol clue to her daughter Ciera, Laura tries to be strategic by putting the target on Vytas’ back to hurt Aras, but it doesn’t work. Everyone knows the clue is a target, and Vytas immediately throws that in the fire.

After sending Laura and John away, everyone draws for new tribes. Monica, Tina, Katie, Laura B, Kat, and Vytas end up on Galang. Suddenly, Vytas is the only guy on a tribe with five women where Monica is desperately trying to strategize and get him out. They haven’t even done the immunity challenge yet! They may win, why bother with strategy until then? Vytas tried to get the girls to like him by opening up and telling about his stint in jail and his troubled relationship with his brother. It’s definitely a good way to play it, as Laura B’s already liking him. Gervase, Caleb, Aras, Tyson, Hayden, and Ciera are on Tadhana. Original Tadhana members were giving up a lot of information about the workings of their tribe. Tyson seems to find this hilarious, but seeing as they’re on the same team shouldn’t they all share information and try to succeed together? Tyson’s strategy to eat all their food really seems like he wants to be voted out. Hayden noticed this and started getting frustrated, but Tyson has started point out all of Aras’ faults really obviously so everyone will dislike him. Telling everyone point blank to vote out Aras may have been more subtle.

One-Man Wrecking BallThis week’s immunity challenge is the normal obstacle and puzzle thing. Can’t we ever have something different? One pair from each tribe races to a cage at the bottom of the ocean. They must dive down, release a gate for a fish trap as the next pair goes. When they have all three, tribes must put together a puzzle with the pieces inside the traps. Gervase’s swimming has improved since first week and he’s the first one to start releasing the gate. Laura and Tina completely screw up, forgetting to bring the trap with them and lose so much time for Galang. Vytas and Monica know there’s a lot of time to make up and they quickly go at it to keep themselves in the challenge. Surprisingly, they almost win. Tina and Monica are quick on the puzzle section thinking they’ve finished and won twice but don’t have it right, allowing for Aras and Tyson to win it for Tadhana.

When back at camp, Monica’s constant strategizing turns Kat to consider voting her out, but it backfires as Monica learns of the betrayal. Suddenly, Vytas may not be the one going home. Kat immediately brings up the big drama of the day at Tribal so they can all hash it out. Unfortunately for her and great for Vytas, he starts making a really good argument. Just because they’re five girls doesn’t mean they’ll all stick together once the merge comes. Isn’t it better to vote out someone who has proven dishonest rather than someone who has so far been true? It ends up working for him, with a 5-1 vote for Kat.

Next episode, Vytas quickly makes friends (and perhaps a romance with Katie) on Galang while Aras is losing his alliance in Tadhana.