‘Dracula – The Blood is the Life’ is Funnier than it is Scary

Dracula2-300x287Dracula – The Blood is the Life was Craigdarroch Castle’s Halloween play for 2013. A touring play where playgoers are doctors, come to witness Mina Murray, Dr Seward, and Professor Van Helsing put things right eight years after Count Dracula’s initial trip to London.

The lavish interior of Craigdarroch Castle features beautifully in this play, immediately bringing guests back in time to witness the terrifying happenings. Except, it isn’t terrifying.

There were so many good things about this play. They stuck close to Bram Stoker’s original while also making their own story, which is difficult to do but delightful to watch. The audience inclusion was done very well, leading everyone through the castle without breaking character. Space never seemed to be an issue, and apart from the first two scenes everyone was able to see easily. It was very enjoyable to watch, but it would have been made that much better if it had given a few frights, rather than laughs. In the occasional scenes where a scare was bound to come, such as in the tomb, the lighting and screaming woman made many laugh which kept everyone a bit giggly until the end.