Survivor 27: The Gloves are Coming Off!

survivor-2013-bvw-epi08-results-hdrLast week, the final blood pair was split up when Ciera wrote down her mum Laura’s name at Tribal Council. Although this might make her trustworthy to most of the tribe, Tyson is already considering the dangers of Ciera’s game.

The Redemption Island truel this week involved Vytas, Tina, and Laura racing to remove four coloured blocks from inside a netted tunnel before stacking them without having any colours repeated on each side. Vytas made quick work of the tunnel portion with Tina falling far behind but she was able to catch up during the puzzle when Laura started helping her after winning. He definitely deserved to stay more than Tina, who wouldn’t have caught up if it weren’t for the added help from Laura. At least we’ll still see the brothers on the Jury each week? I miss Aras already.

When they get back from RI, Hayden starts conniving with Caleb because he doesn’t want to be blindsided. By bringing up Tyson’s name that puts a big target on his back, but Caleb is on board and Katie quickly joins them. Unfortunately, they bring it to Ciera who is shocked by the revelation and loyally goes to Tyson. What Ciera doesn’t realize is Tyson wouldn’t have much of a problem sending her home if it was in his best interest.

For the Immunity challenge, castaways must hold onto a rope handle attached to a bucket that holds 25% of their body weight. The person who can hold on the longest will win Individual Immunity. As a surprise twist, those who don’t think they need immunity to be safe at tribal can feast while everyone else competes. A telling moment for Hayden and Caleb when Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera choose to eat while everyone else competes. Clearly Hayden isn’t feeling to good about his backstabbing move, but once you bring it up it has to go through. Only Katie, Hayden, Monica, and Caleb compete, and after about fifteen minutes Katie drops out. When it’s down to just Hayden and Monica at twenty minutes Hayden struggles and isn’t able to hold on to win. Monica has really been proving she’s a threat in this game as she continues to set the bar for these challenges. Despite being a seemingly uninvolved player of the strategic game there’s a chance she’ll make it to the finals.

Hayden immediately knows he’s on the chopping block and goes to Tyson with Caleb to hash it all out, putting all the blame on Ciera. Suddenly, Ciera may be getting a blindside as Tyson and Gervase consider whether to believe Hayden and Caleb or Ciera. Should Tyson play his idol? This is why he found it, so might as well I guess. I’d just love if Hayden and Caleb’s plan worked out and Ciera left instead… Getting more Hayden-time during this episode has been so great!

At Tribal, Jeff immediately turned to Hayden, Tyson, and Ciera to discuss dropping out of the challenge for food. Why is Ciera so confident, and is Tyson really siding with Hayden and Caleb? Does Monica know anything of what’s going on with the boys? Jeff pointedly asks the three people who might be going home whether they’d be surprised to see their name, I just really hope that Ciera is the one who gets blindsided because I don’t like her. I think the only person left who I actually like is Hayden, but if Caleb goes home I can say goodbye to Hayden as well, it’ll only be a matter of time. All of a sudden, Tyson makes a scene as he tries to pull out his Hidden Immunity Idol which ended up being useless anyway, as no votes were cast against him. Luckily now it’s out and hopefully people will start judging why he had it and didn’t tell anyone in his alliance. Sketchy! Caleb ended up being sent home as Tyson, Gervase, Monica, and Ciera stuck together to vote him out.

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