Introducing Juan Pablo’s 27 Bachelorettes

996957_10151746969183053_737968822_nIf you don’t remember Juan Pablo, you must not have watched Desiree’s season of Bachelorette. The sexy, Venezuelan, former pro-soccer player with a soft side won audiences over with his accent and quiet sensitivity. After being sent home on episode six he was a sure bet for the next season of The Bachelor.

What’s better than 25 women vying for your heart? 27 of course! With only a few weeks before the 18th season gets underway, let’s meet the women who’ll be stealing Juan’s heart! This season’s women seem just like the rest. That’s not to say anything bad about any of them (well, maybe some) but no one has any stand out quirks in their photos and bios. Of course there are some crazy eyes, so let’s get started.

Alexis. This 24-year-old is the Christian we needed for the season. All she wants to do is travel with her abuelos, travel on a missionary trip, and travel before she dies. She’s throwing out some Spanish already, proving her Cuban heritage, so that might keep her for the first couple weeks. She’s already living in Florida, so there won’t be any need to move if she’s the final girl.

Alli. It’s a bit weird that Gladiator joins 16 Candles and Pretty Woman on her top three movies, but there’s nothing else that stands out. Well, maybe her stance in the photo? Here’s to being really critical!

Amy J. Good music choices and she seems pretty casual.

Amy L. If her shirt in this photo is any indication, she’ll be one of the girls with hideous outfits all season. Here’s to hoping she stays just for that reason, because you always need someone who looks out-of-place with too many ruffles. After watching a few clips of her being a reporter, she has a weird semi-smile while talking about bad news… Strange? She doesn’t seem to have THAT bad of clothes though.

Andi. As an assistant DA here’s to hoping she’s an intelligent woman. It’s rare on this show but we can hope, right? She looks put together and might be one of my early hopefuls (as long as she doesn’t do something silly on the first night.

Ashley. I don’t like her. I don’t know why, but I’ve already got a bad vibe.

Cassandra. The youngest woman on the show at 21, she’s eleven years younger than Juan Pablo. If she makes it past the first cocktail party, who wants to bet she’ll be made to do something involving heights (her proclaimed fear). She’s rather simple though… She loves it when her date holds her hand and she hates it when he doesn’t. Couldn’t she come up with something better for at least one of those answers?

Chantel. She definitely seems to have the aggressive side needed to get noticed in the first couple of weeks, but it seems a bit pushy compared to the other girl’s bios.

Chelsie. I don’t know exactly what a ‘science educator’ is, unless it’s a weird way of saying teacher, but I’m hoping she doesn’t something science-y for her first impression. She’s very photogenic and will probably be one of the Barbie dolls of the show.

Christine. I think she’s a toothpick? Her bio photo makes her look SO skinny. Another Floridian, which is useful for continuing the relationship post-show but she seems a bit … blonde.

Christy. She always wants to be chased and is big on Adam Sandler. Personally, I’m not big on that kind of humour, but she might be the one constantly making Juan Pablo laugh which doesn’t hurt.

1Clare. She’s a year older than Juan Pablo, which means she’s probably in a closer frame of mind than some of the younger ones. Her reason for being on the show, having never experienced romance before, is a bit concerning but that doesn’t mean I don’t like her. She’s also never taken a vacation before, so she’s definitely driven with her career. I don’t know about this one, but she seems like she might be less superficial than some of the other girls.

Danielle. I think she’s wearing the exact same shirt as one of the previous girls, which is a bit odd. She’s the second girl who’s adventurous about everything but food (can you think of the group food date possibilities or is it just me?).

Elise. Her longest relationship was eight years and she’s currently 27, so she might be the classic “I just got out of a longterm relationship” girl.

Kat. A bit of crazy eyes going on, but maybe that’s just the photo. She’s big on Britney Spears and is “fiercely loyal” which can turn into incredibly jealous once she gets onto the show. Can you say drama?

Kelly. There’s definitely nothing in her eyes in this photo. She’s on her favourite show, and one of her favourite bits is the drama. Let’s see if she likes it as much when she’s orchestrating it.

Kylie. Crazy eyes alert. She’s tall, redheaded, with a massive ring on her finger (not engagement, but wouldn’t that be a scandal). If she makes it far she might be one of the girls scared to be too vulnerable with Juan Pablo because he might not choose her. She seems like she’ll be the fun girl he’ll immediately be attracted to though.

Lacey. She’s dated men with children before, had mentally handicapped siblings, and is a nursing home owner. She’ll probably be one of the sweetest girls on the show, so hopefully she’ll entice Juan Pablo for the first few weeks.

Lauren H. She’s already reminded a lot of people of Blakeley, but hopefully she isn’t as crazy. This girl has some good music tastes and she seems pretty nice.

Lauren S. This girl doesn’t like low-key bars, she likes low-key dive bars. Plus, she has self-diagnosed baby fever. Hope Juan Pablo’s looking for more kids within the next five!

Screen-Shot-2013-11-26-at-12.11.28-PM1-630x350Lucy. This model who’s friends with Kate Upton campaigned to be on this season of the Bachelor. If Juan Pablo’s looking for a girl with lots of topless Instagram photos then he’s found the one! She once organized a 50 person totally nude dance party on a Mexican beach. She previously dated the CEO of Snapchat and has been called the Perpetually Topless Reality TV Star. I wouldn’t call her a star but… She’s another aggressive girl, and even if he doesn’t want to keep her around the producers will make sure she stays just for the drama that’s bound to occur. According to her, she deserves to be the centre of attention. Hopefully she lives up to the drama of her profile!

Maggie. She’s a real Southern gal, and this seems to be her first experience outside of her country town.

Nikki. Her favourite dancing is drunk dancing, this is the most outrageous thing she’s every done, and she’ll be the “my parents are still married-they’re my inspiration” girl. You gotta have one of those, right?

Renee. The oldest woman on this season, at 32 she’s got some of the best crazy eyes of all the contestants. She wants to be a fighter pilot for a day to quickly fly under a canopy, which definitely sounds like the job description of a fighter pilot.

Sharleen. As the Canadian girl of the season I feel like I need to support her. She seems assertive but friendly, and as an opera singer she’ll have to be brave. I’m expecting an operatic first impression.

Valerie. She’s active, a reader, and will potentially be very cautious about this whole ordeal.

Victoria. From Brazil, she nudges Alexis out of the Spanish-speaking-to-impress-JuanPablo competition. …if there was a competition. She seems to have a good outlook on the show. I expect she’ll capture his interest for at least the first couple weeks.


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